LOST all black cat – near 106 St and 67 Ave.

My all black neutered male cat Ali got out on New Year’s and I haven’t seen him since. He is an indoor cat though has wandered quite far the few times he has escaped. I miss him a ton. He is friendly but can be aggressive with people he doesn’t know. He is microchipped, which can be confirmed at any vet for free and links to my phone number. Let me know if you have any information. 7096329407



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  1. I live just down the road I’ll keep an eye out, but try leaving its litter box outside and might sounds silly but clothing you have really close to Your body like an undershirt or you get the idea they might pick up that scent

  2. Karen Ingram Karen Ingram says:

    put his litter box outside……….I have read they are able to smell it. Might guide him home.

  3. I don’t live far! I’ll keep an eye out.

  4. Have you posted in Edmonton lost pets?

  5. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    I’m sorry your cat is missing. Hopefully he is found fast.

  6. Check garages in the nearby area

  7. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Hope you find him soon 🙁

  8. Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

    Cats do go missing for days, I think he’ll be back. Hopefully it’s today. Good luck

  9. Earl Piche Earl Piche says:

    The streets have him now

  10. Ada Tabensky Ada Tabensky says:

    The litter box trick worked when one of my kitties was missing. I’d given up hope when someone suggested it. It’s definitely worth trying!

  11. Thanks everyone. He’s still missing – litter and clothing has been outside and refreshed regularly. Posted everywhere! Just hoping that someone has been taking care of him.


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