Lost Kitten, if Found Please Comment to get in Contact

Our kitten (8 months old) has been missing since Saturday February 6
She is wearing a pink and brown collar with bell. Missing in Rutherford area 120 st & 17 ave SW. If seen or found please comment here!
Lost Kitten


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  1. Put her litter box outside so there’s a familiar scent so if she smells it she can find her way back our cat went missing for a week and he came back within an hour of doing this

  2. need to go to the shelters personally they don’t tell you everything on the phone or Internet Personal experience

  3. Debra Young Debra Young says:

    Looks well cared for, beautiful, if not spayed she could be gone until she’s hungry, the litter box is a good idea too, if she knows ‘treats’ you can shake the bag and say something she knows to get her attention but don’t leave food outside or you may get company you don’t want. Best wishes.

  4. You name it I’ve done it, litter box outside, flyers, Facebook pages, kijiji, called and emailed flyers to pretty much all the vets on the southside and visited animal control & humane society, no luck 🙁

  5. Debra Young Debra Young says:

    Please let us know when she returns, hopefully she’s just having a good time (kitty style). There was snow last night, hard to do but look for tracks.

  6. She was found last night 🙂 thank you everyone for taking the time to help, much appreciated!


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