Lost a little faith in humanity

Last night as I was crossing a busy street, I fell on the icy roads. When i tried to get up I fell again. Yes like Bambi on the ice. A little funny maybe….BUT I recieved a very bad sprain in my left elbow/forearm.

As I fell and tried to get up…not one person got out of their car to help. Not one person yelled to ask if I was ok.

Where are the helpful loving edmontonians I hear about all the time. Would it have killed u to take a second to help? To make sure I was ok?

Off to the bus I went and later to the medi center where I was sent for x-rays to make sure I didn’t have a break or fracture.

Please people if u see someone fall…check and make sure they are ok. I’m am so hurt by this..mentally and physically. 🙁



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  1. Pat Walchuk Pat Walchuk says:

    That’s awful. Sorry to hear that first of all you had that nasty fall but also, that nobody offered assistance. That is certainly not the way I was raised. That’s for sure. There are far too many people these days that only think of themselves and to hell with anyone else. I hope your injuries heal soon. Take care

  2. If I would have seen it I would have helped . I know others too would have

  3. I hear you.

    But be serious.
    If people got out of their car every time someone slipped…?

  4. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Driver’s don’t care about pedestrians, look at Stephanie Letkeman Marković comment, had the light changed, odds are they would have tried to drive around you, or blared the horn. They just don’t care

  5. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    I am so sorry to hear this! I have fallen a couple of times as well…once crossing a busy road and lucily someone did assist. another time was when i was just stepping onto the sidewalk while leaving a crosswalk…no one asked/stopped…not even another person whom was walking right by me.

  6. Like always a negative thoughts wen they seen u slip and fall..oh a weekend a drunk….a homeless person. …I bet 110% they thought that…. sad case no one helped u….so sorry to hear that

    • Lol that would be my last thought actually. It would either be hope they’re ok, or Yep, they’re ok and that was kinda funny.

      And before I get attacked I am a victim of ghost holes on a regular basis. And 9 times out of 10 I don’t have random people help and I end up laughing it off.

  7. People these days are so controlled by fear that they pretend the world outside of there comfort bubnle doesnt exist. Even if they seen u fall they probably paid no attention to it. I find it ironic that all those people who wouldnt help are the same people that would want help if they were in the same boat. Its a good example of selfishness. How people very seldomly actually do onto others as they would have done onto them.

  8. Perhaps the drivers were trying to avoid causing an accident. Stopping suddenly to assist someone even if able to pull to the side could impede flow of traffic or cause an accident. Not everything as it appears. Sorry you fell but there are valid reasons for peiple not stopping in these conditions and its not ignorance. Dont be so quick to judge.

  9. I’m sorry you had that experience. I had one similar, except that I fell in our condo complex parking lot right in front of two neighbours. They didn’t ask if I was ok or offer to help me up. I was disappointed in them too. Don’t let this incident make you lose faith. There are lots of kind, caring people that would help a stranger in a time of need. Unfortunately that day you just were surrounded by ignorant, selfish asses. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Tiff Wapass Tiff Wapass says:

    I’d be too busy laughing

  11. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    I was in Starbucks on 104 ave when what appeared to be a homeless person came in to get warm. He just stood quietly inside the door. A man went over to him with a cup of coffee then handed him money so he could buy some food while he was there. He did it indiscreetly so as not to embarrass the man. There are plenty of kind people but we just hear more about the bad ones.

  12. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    As bad as it sounds, I saw a guy fall yesterday and I didn’t stop… it’s not because I didn’t care, it’s because i couldn’t stop close enough to safely check on him.

    If you really wanna complain about something complain about how nobody clears their walks and salts/sands them. That’s the real complaint here. Not that random citizens didn’t give you the time of day. Next time direct this to your city councillor tbh.

  13. Aww i would have stopped asked if your okay. But that just me after finding a safe place to pullover. Your right. Someone can sersiouly be hurt.

  14. Edmonton has plenty of kind people, but it’s also a city full of snobs.

  15. Chris Dumais Chris Dumais says:

    Oh shut the fuck up.

  16. Get some proper footware

  17. I fell in my driveway and a gentleman driving by stopped and helped me up. Due to my disability there was no way I could do it myself. About 4 cars drove by before my knight appeared. These days, too many people drive without a true awareness of their surroundings.

  18. If some traffic was still moving, it would have been too dangerous to get out of the car. However, I would have rolled down my window and asked you to get in.

  19. Megan Bielby Megan Bielby says:

    I fell on a crosswalk and had 1 person come out of their car to see if I was ok and someone came from the sidewalk on the other side.

    It was humiliating. I’d rather have been ignored lol

  20. M Lissa Sch M Lissa Sch says:

    I’m sorry that happened to you, but speaking as a driver… These roads are still bad enough that I focus 100% on driving and observing other drivers. There are a lot of frazzled people out there, and in some cases some people would have done what you wanted, but you probably caught a bad crowd at a bad time at that intersection.

    The fact you kept trying to get up showed that you were ok. Also, I’m deaf so I wouldn’t be able to ask if you were ok, not verbally. I’ve also wiped out plenty of times in public. Half the time I get laughed at. Sometimes people ask if I’m ok. Sometimes I’m ignored.. So? Move on. Some crowds are good, some crowds are just too busy, don’t crowds are waiting, some crowds don’t care. Just how it is.


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