Lost Red Vans Sneakers Southgate Station

The other day my girlfriend bought me a gift. It might not seem like much to some of you, but it meant a lot to me. It was a pair of size 8.5 red Vans sneakers. I was so excited when she gave them to me, but they weren’t quite the right size, so yesterday we met at Southgate mall so she could exchange them, but they didn’t have my size in stock so we just went to the foodcourt to eat. While we ate we got into a bit of a disagreement. I wanted to go visit my 1 day old nephew and she didn’t want to. That made me incredibly sad. After we finished eating we started to aimlessly walk through the mall. I was about to lose it and I didn’t want to cry in front of my girlfriend who ridicules me for being “too sensitive”, much less in public, so I handed her the bag containing my shoes, told her I needed a moment and that I’d meet her outside. I walked outside and texted her when I got to my car telling her where I was parked. She was angry with me for being sad. She told me to come get my shoes. I told her if she wasn’t coming with me to visit my nephew to hold onto them for me. She said that if I didn’t come to get them that she’d throw them away. I told her that she had better not. She said she threw them away. I told her to get them back and that I’d meet her to pick them up. She said that it was too late. She’d already left on the LRT. Part of me thought she was bluffing about having thrown them away and I suppose in a way she was. I found out a couple hours later that what she had actually done was intentionally abandon them in Southgate station. I drove the whole 30 minutes back to the station after she told me hoping that by some miracle the shoes would still be there. No such luck. In any case, sorry for the drawn out and possibly unnecessary preamble. The point of this post is to see if anyone knows what happened to my shoes, whether they saw someone take them, turned them into lost and found or took them themself. I could certainly understand if someone was tempted to take them for themself. They were brand new and left unattended, but if you’re reading this now then you know that someone is looking for them. I am pleading with you to get into contact with me and return them. No judgment. I would be extremely grateful. I know this is of her own doing, but my girlfriend works her butt off at minimum wage to support 4 people including her young son in the Philippines and those shoes are worth a lot of rice. It was a stupid impulsive thing what she did, but somehow I still feel terrible for her for wasting her hard earned money like that. The main reason I’d like them back is because it would make it a lot easier to forgive her if I got them back. Sort of a symbolic thing. They’re my 1-year anniversary gift. I don’t know how to move past this. She really does have wonderful qualities, but this was not her finest moment. Please somebody comment if you have any information and I’ll message you. I want to believe most people are good.

Again, size 8.5 red Vans sneakers left in their box in a Soft Moc shopping bag at Southgate LRT station just after 7PM and they could have been sitting there as late as late as 10PM yesterday Thursday, June 8th. Thanks in advance and thanks for reading.



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