Lost Tan Chihuahua in West Edmonton

Our small tan and white chihuahua ran scared out of my parents home on Christmas Eve in the Lymburn/Callingwood/Ormsby area of the west end. We are devastated and praying she has been taken in by someone.

Please contact us with any information. Her name is twiggy and she is quite nervous/anxious as she is a rescue dog with a hard past. She has a white heart shaped marking on the top of her head 780 224 4808



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  1. Hope she is found safe!

  2. If I am not mistaken you should also call 311 to report her missing.

  3. Post on edmonton lost pets. Great group. Check humane society and animal control
    Good luck !!

  4. She has done all that and then some she’s trying to find her beloved pup any way to get info out is the best not everyone is apart of these groups let alone social media so it helps.

    Best wishes in finding your loved one hope you find them save and sound and soon.

  5. Put up a post on Pet Lynx, make signs with a photo on bright colored paper and post on mailboxes, bulletin boards etc. Put an ad on Kijiji. I believe you may already have apost on Edmonton Lost Pets and Edmonton and Area lost pets as I have been sharing. I will share again. I hope you find her soon.

  6. Melissa says:

    Twiggy is still missing:(


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