lost wallet

Hi I’m writing here in hopes that whomever found daughters pink mucky mouse wallet on number 1 around 12:30 today. Please it’s my child’s wallet no use to you. It has her baby sitting certificate, a few pictures of her family and nothing more then some change and a bank card, plus her new charge cord for her back to school shoes. Ets was contacted and the bank for cancelation.
Please return it to the lost and found with city of Edmonton

Keep the change but come on you could of done the right thing and handed it to the bus driver.

Upon opening it, I’m sure you discovered that it belonged to a kid.

She sat at bus stop waiting praying that when that bus did it’s return trip to capilano area. That it would be recovered only to walk in the door in tears.

Please do the right thing !



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  1. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Maybe no one has found it. Shitty deal, but seems like a good time for your little one to learn a lesson here.. or just keep blaming edmonton for not returning it. I’m sure that life lesson will stick with her and do her some good down the road. *eye roll*

  2. Pat Bennett Pat Bennett says:

    It may not get to lost and found for a week. Downtown is not easy for some people to get to. And would go to bus yard first before downtown.

  3. Skye Brown Skye Brown says:

    Call lost and found with transit. If someone handed it in to the driver it will be taken there. May not be there until Tuesday. Be surprised on how many honest ppl there are. Most do hand it in with everything intact, except the bank/credit cards as the city shreds them for security reasons which they will tell you if they were there.

  4. Check the bank , thats a good way for a lost wallet to be returned to owner

  5. Jo Willier Jo Willier says:

    My daughter was lucky enough to have her lost phone turned in to ETS lost and found. We got that back next business day. Hopefully you have the same luck. Best wishes.

  6. Why are you blaming some fictitious person for stealing the wallet when you have no evidence that’s what actually happened? How do you know it was even lost on the bus for sure? And I lost my bus pass once and got a call a week later it was at the lost and found so that doesn’t mean no one turned it in because you haven’t heard anything immediately. I get that you’re upset for your daughter but what’s with the whole guilt trip about doing the right thing? You have no evidence that someone did anything but, so it just makes it look like you’re turning someone into a villain for no reason, and so that you and/or your daughter don’t have to take responsibility for losing it in the first place. If you blame it on the poor heartless thief then it’s their fault right?

  7. My son has had issues with forgetting stuff & losing it, it sucks but it has taught him to be more responsible & take care of his things. We have found this city to be full of awesome people & the majority of his stuff was turned in to a lost & found. I am sorry for your daughter, I hope someone turns it in.

  8. I can’t offer any help but I hope you find it.

  9. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    If this was today …the buses are cleaned out and swept out every night … so if still in there it will be turned in to the lost and found … or could have been turned in to the driver alrwady …. call them tomorrow

  10. What kind of shoes need a charge cord?

  11. It’s Sunday. Take a deep breath. Calm down. And put out a request on the ask sites for people to keep their eyes open. Tomorrow morning call 311 and ask them to let you know if it’s turned in.
    Hug your daughter and tell her I am sorry you had to learn this lesson. Life sucks sometimes, but let’s learn from it and approach tomorrow as a new day and a chance to do better.


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