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Lost wallet

I lost my wallet today which has everything important to me, including our birth certificates, driver’s license and health cards.

PLEASE if you found it please return it to us.

I am a single mom and barely have enough money for me and my kids, please return back our money this is all the money I have for me and my kids to survive the month.

780 860 3601



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  1. Angie Dery Angie Dery says:

    Try and think back where you may have lost it. I lost mine in a taxi..called the next morning with no luck til they called back 2 weeks later with and important cards intact..tho bank and credit cards had been reported lost by then and issued new ones

  2. Liz Dubray Liz Dubray says:

    Why would you carry ALL your family’s birth certificates with you? Anyways. Where abouts in the city was this? I found a purse a couple days ago and just brought it in to the police station. I didn’t bother to look through it though as it wasn’t my property or personal affects to look through. Try calling the police stations to see if anyone has turned it in.

  3. I do hope you find it. If you haven’t already cancel bank cards and contact the registries for replacements. I believe you have to contact tax revenue here to report it.

  4. depending on where and when you lost it, you may be in luck. I got one back that was lost on a bus. It was returned with over 300 in cash and gift cards etc. Good people do exist still, I hope for your sake one of them got their hands on it and returns it.

    • Liz Frank Liz Frank says:

      I also got mine returned when I lost it on the bus! I was sitting in one of the front seats, on an empty bus, was early in the morning still dark, had Waller on my lap. A woman came in with a stroller so I got up n moved and forgot it was on my lap. Thank god this woman turned it in, because I had just moved here, just cashed my first pay check. Had everything in it. I had it back by noon, money and all.

  5. you might want to give an approximate area the wallet was lost…

  6. OP just cracked the code for how to make a quick buck: “Did you find a wallet with a lot of money in it? Oh yeah, that’s definitely mine”

  7. A lost wallet In a city of just under 1million People, please be more specific.

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