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Loud Barking Dogs

I just moved into a new house and sometimes I have to sleep during the day due to the odd hours I keep for work. My room gets hot so I have to crack open a window here or there.

My neighbour across the street let’s their dog out in their side yard when they wake up and brings it in at the end of the day.

The problem is: this dog legitimately spends 99% of the day barking it’s head off and since my block is so quiet that’s all you can hear. I literally laid there for the better part of four hours once and even with the window closed it didn’t help.

From what I’ve seen so far, these people don’t exactly strike me as the type of people who give a sh*t about what their neighbours have to say so I’m thinking talking to them directly isn’t going to work…

So I’m just wondering is there anyone I can make a complaint to even though the noise is taking place during the day??



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  1. I would still try talking to the owners face to face as a courtesy. But let them know if they don’t do something about it the next step is bylaw! My dog is a rescue and barks lots too and has a pretty loud bark but he is never left out for long or if he’s being rude to a neighbour I bring him in.

  2. Jim Sterling Jim Sterling says:

    I have a dog that barks like a little bastard. I’m very paranoid I’m annoying my neighbors, he may bark for 3-5 minutes then gets tired. Usually I stop him and bring him inside especially when the neighbors are trying to enjoy their backyard.

    non the less id be very understanding if any one of them came to me and in a civil way mentioned maybe I’m letting him bark too much too often. I’d respect that and try my best to do better. However of some cocksucker just called bylaw like a pussy, I’d be much less likely to be a nice person.

  3. Rianna Ross Rianna Ross says:

    I live next to a super busy street which my bedroom window is only the distance of the sidewalk. Ear plugs, they mask enough of the noise I can sleep, but I can still hear my alarm. Also, wireless headphones and a rain app. They can be set to turn off after a certain amount of time.

  4. Talk to them first. I had a neighbour complain about my dog barking once to bylaw saying my dog barked for an hour straight which was a lie. If talking doesn’t work then complain and buy some ear plugs. May help.

  5. Vicki Hall Vicki Hall says:

    Call 311. They will get someone out to issue a warning.

  6. We had a similar situation so my hubby talked to the neighbour who tried to blame another neighbour’s dog who never barked. As they were talking, the dog started barking again. His son said “Yeah Dad, it’s our dog” The neighbour got angry with his son and told him to get home. Needless to say, they finally gave up the dog. My husband asked him where the dog was and the neighbour replied ” Gone! Too many people were complaining about his barking”. Instead of paying attention to their dog and not leaving him tied outside all day, they just got rid of him. People stuck but I would talk to them. They may take more responsibility for the issue than our neighbour did. Good luck!

  7. Get a noise machine and a fan to block it out.

  8. Lynn Grant Lynn Grant says:

    Approach your neighbor and have a conversation first. I recently moved into a neighborhood and the second day living there the bi law officer was at my house, my neighbor called and falsely reported me for excessive barking at 3 am. Needless to say, it caused tension and negativity between us and instead of it turning into a neighbor war I approached her about reporting me and everything is fine now.

    Talk to your neighbor or buy ear plugs!

  9. Quit being a pussy and say something!!

  10. Fern Thomas Fern Thomas says:

    Call bylaw enforcement they will visit the house and ask them to quiet the dog because of complaints and they won’t tell them who is complaining. Doesn’t matter if its day time or not a dog cannot bark all day. Hope this helps.

  11. Bylaw will come and if you give a statement they can get fined or if you don’t want to give a statement they will issue a warning.

  12. No idea how to get others to care, but my daughter-in-law bought a ‘white noise’ gadget to block the disturbing sounds for her little girl. Also run a fan in your bedroom. It will help with blocking the dig sounds and keep your bedroom cooler. (Blow it over a pan of ice on really hot days – poor man’s air conditioner!)

  13. Ear plugs my friend, ear plugs. Sry what did you say?

  14. Unrelated to the dog but you can download the Rain Rain app for free and play different rain sounds. I keep this cranked anytime I sleep because any little noise wakes me up.

  15. Amy Angela Amy Angela says:

    Barking for more than 15 mins straight is considered nuisance barking as per bylaw. Report them.

  16. Call 311 and ask for Animal Control bylaw

  17. im more concerned about the fact the dog is outside all day, when is it gettin love and interaction with others, hes probably barking nonstop for the attention hes not getting.i do also understand your issue though as i do work nights and sleep in the day, and i have a dog that barks but we never let it go on and on, i let mine out when i get home around 3 am , 1 bark and hes in, my nextdoor neighbour called the town once cause i let him out but had to pee myself, so he got a good 4 or 5 barks out befor i could get him in . call your local spca and ask what the bylaws are and record excessive barking .

  18. Faye Segaran Faye Segaran says:

    Oh my god I have a puppy, yes she is only 8 months old that never stopped barking for a few months, no matter what I did. I kept her in the house alot so she wouldnt annoy the neighbors to much. I would try ho talk to them first before calling bylaw. If nothing changes then definatly call them.

  19. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    Put a note in their mailbox making them aware of the situation first.

  20. Marie Jenna Marie Jenna says:

    Always talk to the person first , even if you think they are unapproachable. You don’t want to immediately cause problems if you can work it out with your neighbour

  21. Seriously, talk to your neighbors first. You really don’t want the bad blood that going straight to calling bylaw will cause. Work on soundproofing/cooling your room by other means, use earplugs, etc. And work with your neighbours if you can. If they are not willing or unapproachable as you think, then call bylaw.

  22. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    Talk to them first before escalating. You dont know them so judging them by appearance is a bullshit excuse.

  23. Bylaw absolutely .They were wonderful.

  24. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    My dog barks like a nutcase

    Unfortunately training it out of a severely anxious dog is near impossible

    My neighbours are very accepting thankfully but we try our best not to allow it to continue for to long or happen to often

  25. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    Before calling bylaw, do try to talk to them even if they seem like jerks. Maybe approach it like you’re assuming they have no idea it’s happening and will of course correct the problem now that they know.

    If that gets you nowhere, maybe the move on to calling bylaw.

    I can’t fathom having no idea your dog is barking all day; are they just leaving him unattended outside all day? If so, that’s really not a good idea on their part. Someone unscrupulous may decide to “accidentally” leave their gate open and let their dog get out…my neighbour’s dog is a bit of an excessive barker when left alone outside all day and someone did exactly that…opened their gate and set her loose. Lucky for the neighbours, I was the one who found her.

  26. Bylaw. The law is usually 10 minutes. Make sure you have proof of the excessive barking. I have two large dogs and i hate people that let their dogs bark excessively

  27. We had a similar situation and bylaw found a ton of infractions the neighbor was not financially at the moment able to cope with. (He had just lost his job) We watched as the owner surrendered his confused pet to the city. It was horribly sad to witness. People need to give other people a break…or at the very least COMMUNICATE with them before calling in the law

  28. Mah Dehaan Mah Dehaan says:

    311 i think.
    Get a fan, sleep with the TV or radio on. I worked nights for a long time. It helps.

  29. Call the non emergency police line and make a complaint. Also use the 311 app to report as well

  30. Call 311 and report it. If your being bothered so is someone else.

  31. Kevin Lee Kevin Lee says:

    Wow that’s a little judgemental, maybe they are totally approachable why don’t you try to talk to them. People seem so quick to call bylaw around here all that does is cause animosity between neighbours. 90% of the time if you explain the situation to your neighbour they will do what they can to be accommodating

  32. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    I bought a portable ac from Canadian tire, only $200. A ceiling fan will also work. Understand that if you sleep odd hours the neighbourhood doesn’t have to shut down.

  33. Susan Nolan Susan Nolan says:

    Talk to your neighbors first. Our dog did this too and we didn’t even know! If they don’t do anything, call bylaw.

  34. ear plugs.

    cheapest solution AND problem solved

  35. Rob Finch Rob Finch says:

    Talk to them, or get an air conditioner

  36. You can complain to the city about it even though it is during the day. On our block there is a house that has a huge dog and his neighbor complained about the dog .barking during the day and now they come home at noon to let the dog out and he is in the house the rest of the day.

  37. Personally, I would try talking to them first. Don’t just judge of appearance. If it doesn’t help, contact bylaw. Until then, earplugs are gonna be your best friends.

  38. Call by law. They will send someone out to observe. A notice will be given. If it persists and you continue to complain, they will be fined.

  39. You could call 311 bylaw. They’ll come out and check it out. even with it during the day it’s disturbing your peace and the dog could be in some sort of distress

  40. Continuous barking is a bylaw infraction. Call them. They’ll do a visit. In the meantime get some ear plugs. There better than nothing.

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