Low class people

So I live in a town house! I was given a three wheeled swing bike to help me lose weight and keep me balanced! I will be honest I didn’t use it much but i did a couple of times and loved it!

So just before the first the first snowfall, I send my eight year old daughter to go cover it up with the the trap so it doesn’t we rusted! She comes running in the house the house to tell me its gone! Im like yah right its been there all summer locked up so why know! So I go look yup she was right!

I was so sad because first the bike was given to me because they are expensive, second why do people steal shit they don’t need! I hope I can somehow buy one on kijji because other then that and walker!! I am a shut in because i need to lose weight to go to the gym and swimming the bike was perfect for me!

Just my rant how low people can be and how they dont know how their actions affects others!!!



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  1. start walking.. and watch what you eat.

  2. Taryn Millar Taryn Millar says:

    Honestly. Start going across the room if you can’t go far. then make it to the hall and back. maybe two or three times. This is just an excuse.

  3. Property theft is disgusting. No debate. But, this post is confusing. You’re talking about how you noticed the bike was stolen just before the first snow fall? That was weeks ago and you posted this 40 minutes ago. Also, you obviously couldn’t ride that bike over the winter season anyways so what were your plans to lose weight over the winter season if you feel like you need to lose weight before you can go to the gym? You make it sound like your only option was the bike. Things that make you go hmm…..

  4. Let the police know it was stolen. They used to have a bike auction every spring of stolen bikes that they had that were not claimed. I think they might still engrave drivers license numbers on bikes so if they are stolen and they come across them they have a way of finding the owner. Hope it returns to you. I’m in a similar position and would loved to have one of them. Or a power scooter

  5. Thays Santos Thays Santos says:

    I think this person is not asking about advices to loose weight! The rant is about stolen items.

  6. My bike took itself for a ride 2 years ago so I put a lock on my gate… my puppy was stolen just last month. Thieves are sick disgusting people with no conscience. My best advise is never leave anything unattended in your yard unless you’re unattached to it. It’s sad and it’s wrong but it’s the world we live in.

  7. I have had blankets stolen off of my clothes line in my fenced backyard in Edmonton. Guess I just started realizing someone else needed it more than me…..sorry to hear but it’s common place in Edmonton or any city probably.

  8. Marie says:

    Sounds as though there’s a good chance it was stolen by someone else living in the same townhouse complex. Post a ‘Notice’ with your plea that it be returned to you ‘no questions asked’ … post where the other tenants/owners can read it.
    Good Luck ~

  9. People suck.
    It’s not the same thing but I am selling an elliptical for $50 lol just needs batteries!

  10. Yep. Some people were never raised to believe that they shouldn’t touch or take something that isn’t theirs.

  11. I hope you have the bike’s serial number. The police can identify it this way. Go to a station, make a report. It could still turn up. All power to you for wanting to improve your fitness.


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