Lyme disease testing

Looking for a family doctor that will send me for lyme disease testing. I moved here from ontario and starting slowly having worse health issues after an especially bad year for health problems I started looking into causes and found I have all the symptoms of late persistant lyme disease but as I just moved to the edmonton area I don’t have a family doctor and have not been able to find one that will send me.

Looking for recommendations of family doctors that are experienced with treating for lyme or that will send me to an infectious disease specialist.

Thank you.



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  1. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    They send the tests to Saskatchewan, that is where they check it. My grandson has had 3 operations since mid December for it, also he had a pic line running inside him from his elbow to his heard for almost 2 months. The nurses come everyday to give antibiotics through the line(he recently got that out). Get in as soon as you can, it is a horrible disease and can cause permanent damage.

  2. Testing is performed at Provincial Lab in Calgary, Alberta. Secondary confirmation testing of positive Western Blot is done at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    You can find all the information for testing on the Provincial Laboratory Of Alberta webpage. I would strongly recommend you consult an LLMD/LLND as the testing in Canada is far from adequate and if you have late stage disease then this testing misses a fair portion of those who have been sick for many years (like myself). If you need any information or contact information for Lyme Literate doctors, please feel free to contact me directly


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