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Global is reporting tonight “Mariama Sillah was in a marked crosswalk at 134 Avenue and 40 Street when she was hit by a city transit bus November 26, 2016. According to police at the time, the driver was unaware of what happened and the teen was dragged a short distance”

So after a year, the location of this accident has changed to 134 Avenue from 137 Avenue.

Good work Global Edmonton, no better than CTV Edmonton. There is no place to get reliable news in this city anymore!!



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  1. Likely a simple typo in the story. Probably not anything more than that. People make mistakes.

  2. But the news are supposed to report news…where…an when…not …well it might have been 132ave…or it could have been 137 Ave

    If ya can’t get a friggin street number right….how the hell are we supposed to believe anything they report on…..not just a simple typo….but bad reporting from a shitty liberal backed news outlet

  3. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    If a teeny error can ruin your day, you have bigger issues.

  4. Megan Bielby Megan Bielby says:

    3 blocks does not change the story. It’s not important

  5. So the person typing it hit the number 4 which is located under the 7 by error, if you know Edmonton at all you could have easily figured out that Walmart is on 137 and not 134…. wow, does it hurt people to think these days? A simple typo should not have your panties in such a tight knot, perhaps you should take them off.
    Good grief, how sad that humans are human and make errors and instead of focussing on a lost life they have to focus on a small typo. May she rest in peace and condolences to the family and friends.

  6. Megan Bielby Megan Bielby says:

    So…. people are using this as proof that trump is right when he talks about “fake news”? That’s the whole point? Wow.

  7. Obviously the OP is bored in life…


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