Male Bartender at the Ice on Whyte Festival

To the male bartender working behind the ice bar on Thursday Jan 24. I just want to say that your very good looking and had great customer service skills. Your compliment on my smile made he feel good inside. I wanted to connect with you but unfortunately I was on a first & last date with a guy.
Thank you for the compliment and I hope to see you again.



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  1. Tee hehehe. Post and comments were entertaining !! And it was free !!

  2. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Doesn’t matter though. The entire country could use some positive shit.

  3. Same goes for a guy behind a counter doing his job as goes for a girl, you do NOT hit on them, they are paid to smile and be friendly to EVERYONE, unless he asked you out then leave him alone.

  4. You go for it girl. Live laugh love and all That!

  5. Can confirm that OP smiles like a saw mill.

  6. Oh my gosh you bloody internet haters and trolls.
    So a girl meets a guy that made an impression and stood out. What is the harm in sending him a compliment or hoping maybe they will meet again?
    My lord.

    • David Robertson Damn right!
      Once I had a really cute UPS guy deliver me a package at home, but when he came I was a disaster and was so embarrassed I was too afraid to do anything about it.
      He was really friendly and smiled a lot and we chatted at my door for longer than I thought a normal delivery would have warranted.

      I wound up making a status update about it and asked my friends to share, and a friend of a friend knew him, showed him my status and he wound up calling me! We went out a few times, turns out we were VERY Different people in EVERY way but, he was a super nice guy and I was glad to have taken the chance and met him.

    • Shauna Chambers right lol don’t they all sound like idiots that typically fail at the social connection routine lol I think the men who are saying yeah are probably the exact opposite. And insulting her they are implying that the bartender is some sort of robot who is NEVER attracted to the clientele. What a fun post. I hope she goes back…let up know please OP.

    • Shauna Chambers Now THAT is what i’m talking about <3

  7. go back and talk to him!!

  8. Andreia R-ib Andreia R-ib says:

    Who said it was a she?! Cripes ppl

  9. Kevin Barry true. Her smile is probably horrifying.

  10. Chris Cooke Chris Cooke says:

    Ahhh he is paid to make women feel this way, women say they cant give compliments or men think its cause they want some now roles are reversed. Seems like a crazy trying to hook up like this

  11. Damn internet lets do the thing and find this fella!

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