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Hello edmonton!

I’m not going to make it a long post, i just need to vent, and get some advice.

My husband and I do not get along lately. we have 3 young kids, 2 girls 1 boy.

I stay home and take care of them, as with everything else around the house.

It’s tough, mentally it’s draining. I’m struggling.

We fight often, stupid things. But when he gets going he goes, he says the meanest things all the time, has called me every name, tells me to get a job, and help finacially. I would love nothing more to go back to work but I can’t. we would lose money putting them in childcare. I feel like i have failed, this is said often along with other horrible things. yes yes i do infact call him names too,(nothing wild). lol

At what point do you just wall away? I have mentally had enough and I just don’t care anymore because I am unhappy. He refuses to give up, but it is the same BS everytime. it’s more exhausting than the kids. It’s like you become numb to the things being said to you, It seems impossible to forgive and forget at this point after years of dealing with this. suggestions? we have done counseling a few times, didn’t help a whole lot, we went on a short trip, it was fun but then back to the same stuff when we got back. i give up. at this point im only here for the kids, I have nowhere to live or a place i could even afford.



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  1. John says:

    The gentleman’s advice above is right on.. leave. You’ll be happier, it’s not easy but I’m sure your kids will benefit more with you guys separated rather than together, it’s bad for there mental health to witness you guys fight all the time.
    If he’s not doing anything to change and help you out around the house which is what a real man should do anyways, to set an example for his kids of what a father should look like and behave. Also when you have time sit back and try to analyze yourself to make sure there’s nothing you can also change to make it work, just in case there’s something your not seeing.

    Good luck, and god bless you.

  2. . says:

    Start researching, there are ways to facilitate walking away. If there is abuse, you have an iron clad case. If there is physical abuse, it is even easier with women’s shelters and such. I am a dad , who raised his 3 sons alone in the 80’s. It was very uncommon then, and most of the time i had a full time job, and used day-care and after school care. Even then i found a great number of resources. I am totally out of the loop now. I would start with Family and Children’s Services. Believe this : Children notice the stress, they notice and react to:name calling: putdowns:
    rude treatment. My recommendation is get out asap. there is help, you can do it. You can unshackle and become the person that you wish to be, best mom, great partner. If i can help at all contact me.

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