Mayors Blast the Pro-Rape; Men’s Rights Activists

Protesters are meeting at Churchill Square at 7:30pm on Saturday February 6 to stop this man and his followers from having a chance to speak in Edmonton.



4 Responses

  1. This guy needs to still hide in his moms basement.

  2. I thought he cancelled the events…

  3. Tanya Lee Tanya Lee says:

    Some guy downtown handed me a pamphlet that for this event yesterday but it said something completely different. It said: Saturday Febuary 6, 2016 at Churchill Square Edmonton,Alberta at 3 PM there will be a peaceful march in solidarity for all the women who are rape victims in Europe from migrants from the middle east. Please support this cause or start one in your town or city!.
    The fact is: they are still getting publicity. Don’t let them keep using the excuse – “I have a disease/mental illness/right that causes, and allows me to rape others”, by not showing up! And, I hope that there will be cops there to collect information from these creeps just in case they do, or have already committed this crime.

  4. This is a hate rally. That is a crime under the law. Where are the police arrests? Uttering threats to commit violence is a criminal offence! Threatening physical violence against women should mean the arrest of any person making those threats. If the police can’t uphold that law, then I suggest women mobilize and take care of the problem the vigilante way.


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