McGruff Safe Kids Kit

No it’s not a scam. The kit is helpful when reporting a missing child when you are emotionally stressed under the circumstances.

Also, if you are offered the kit through an insurance company, you have the option of only taking the kit and not listening to the insurance pitch.



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  1. Yea but the god damn people dont leave your home till you say yes to the insurance so yea no thanks ill pass. I shouldnt have to get hounded into doing something if i dont want the other thing they try to sell with it. I sat here for two hours telling the person no no no and they wouldnt leave till we said fine. After they left we canceled the whole thing.

    • Erin Johnson Erin Johnson says:

      You as the owner or even renter has the right to tell someone to leave. It’s your private property. If they refuse to leave, you can call the cops for trespassing.

  2. You used to be able to get kits like that from the police station. Not sure if they still have them.

  3. I remember kits getting done like that when I was in daycare offered by the police station

  4. You don’t get the kit until after you get the high-pressure sales talk for the insurance

  5. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    Well sorry op no sales for you…. FREE KITS

  6. Crystal Moen Crystal Moen says:

    Yes says it free but then they want to sell u insurance and they are extremely hard to get rid of once they have your info

  7. I had that happen to me regarding water filter once. They spent hours trying to get me to sign a contract and would not leave. Usually it is young adults who, I would assume, get paid very little for the time they put in. I now tell phone & door-to-to door sellers that I NEVER buy from either one. Charity people I tell I would rather donate via computer.


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