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Mega rant to groupon and a rave to Pinup Detailing!

I bought a groupon to have my SUV cleaned at another place and called to book an appointment, they said they only take groupons on Friday’s from 9am to 3pm? Told me it would take 2 hours to do. I work weekdays so I had to ask a coworker to pick me up and drop me off, and told my manager I’d be an hour late So I booked in last Friday and got there at 8:45 to drop it off. At 9:15 my ride arrived but the store still wasnt open and nobody was there so I was concerned. They had a key drop box so I left my keys there and went to work. My boyfriend picked me up at 2:30 and we drove back to the store to pick up my vehicle, and saw it sitting right where I left it, still dirty. I went inside and asked the man why it wasnt done, he said they got behind and had a couple walk ins so they didnt get to it yet. I had an appointment booked, but they took walk ins before me? He said groupons dont make them any money so they are “low priority”. I was shocked at that but I asked when it could be done for, and he said they could start it now and would be around an hour, so I opted to go ahead. At 5:00 i returned and see my SUV still sitting there, and the store was locked up! I tried calling but there was nobody there, so we went home and called the city and Groupon to see if they had an emergency number for an owner, but didnt get anywhere. I told Groupon about the situation and they said theyd get back to me. I had no vehicle, it was sitting there locked with the keys in the store, and the website said they were closed Saturdays and Sundays, and Monday was a holiday so I assumed they wouldn’t be there then either. Just to be sure, we went there on Monday and sure enough, its still sitting in the parking lot and doors to the store locked. I had to get my coworker to drive me to work on Tuesday and my boyfriend picked me up again and we went back to get my car around 4pm. The lady there said she had no idea that I was booked in! She spent 20 minutes looking for my keys and found them sitting on a table in the back… she asked if I want to re book and I laughed and walked out. I contacted Groupon again and got refunded for the purchase price of it. After calling around a few places who either were $300+ for my SUV or didnt do inside cleaning, I found an ad for Pinup Detailing on the buy and sell. The receptionist (?) was courteous and kind, and booked me right in for the next day at 9am. I arrived at 8:45 and she was there already and brought my vehicle right in, and had no problem keeping it there until I finished work. She quoted me 4 hours which was a shock as everywhere else was like 1 or 2 hours, so how good is it really? After work we got back to her shop and WOW I couldn’t believe that was my SUV! It was absolutely spotless inside, and she had even washed the outside to get rid of all the salt, and didnt charge me for it! I’ll admit I hadn’t gone to a car wash in a couple months, lol, so it was pretty bad. All my stuff in the back was neatly arranged on the seat, and all my Starbucks change was in a little cup in my cupholder! She had found a $10 bill underneath the seat and tucked it in there also! I couldn’t believe the difference in service I got from the Groupon and then from her. It cost just a pinch under $200 for my SUV and to be honest it was worth every single penny, and not a single thing was missed. My seats and carpets were steam cleaned and spotless, and even completely dry, and everything was just immaculate! I couldn’t be more grateful for how my experience was turned around 180 degrees. Definitely go check them out!!
– Theresa



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  1. Sharing from another comment: The company that she went to had several different names, so she has no idea! On Groupon there was just “Auto Details”, on the sign on the building was another name, and when she used Google to find an after hours number, it had a completely different name there as well. She showed me what 311 told her as well – another name was licensed under that address. @Theresa Dierksen could you post the names? I don’t recall

  2. Yeah I’ve had way better jobs done by smaller more independent companies like your friend ryans. Paid 300 bucks and the idiots at bubbles buffed my paint protection coating and made my hood and fenders look like a 12 years olds first time putting on make up

  3. Mark Lee Mark Lee says:

    Heard lots of horror stories of companies treating people with groupons for their biz as second class citizens. Glad you found an alternative great place. Will have to check them out in the spring.

  4. Let us look at this way…

    Are you all sure this isn’t an ad or a plug for Pinup Detailing.

    • Thomas Ancheta I feel ya. But we see lots of small businesses accused of “soap boxing” or “self raving” but someone raves about Walmart or another chain, and nobody bats an eye. I’m super grateful to my clientele for sharing their experiences with the public as we little guys don’t have the advertising budgets as, say Bubbles, to get our names out there 🙂

      ETA: I did mention above that the company she used had several different names and on groupon they are under the name Auto Details, so was pretty difficult to trace. I tagged her in the post so she can share her findings

  5. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    which location did you go to?

  6. they said Rant
    But in actuality what they said about groupon wasn’t negative at all
    Sounds like groupon handled it as they should have

  7. Thank you for the review! This company sounds amazing! I will be taking my car there for sure in the spring when my car will need a deep cleaning on the inside. My sister also has an SUV that she gets regular detailing on. Price is respectable as well. so glad you put this on there, hopefully they will do even more business from this as well 🙂

  8. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    That sure was crappy service. The apparent purpose of Groupon is to bring in customers but if it treats the new customers like this they won’t be getting any new customers but might actually lose some when they get a bad review of the service. To not have use of your car for 3 days is just not right. I hope you called in a complaint to the owner of that company.

  9. Hugh Hawes Hugh Hawes says:

    Didn’t they teach you about paragraphs in school?

  10. Pooja Alysha Pooja Alysha says:

    definitely post that story in the Google reviews of the shitty place!!

  11. Pamela Schwartz owner of Pinups is the best!

  12. Any way I know of a great detailed for cheap Ryan Hollen

  13. Pinups is great. Pamela is so sweet and amazing. Will be taking ours in soon to get it done as well.

  14. Your experience with the second company sounds great! I’ll be looking them up!

  15. Jody Oliver Jody Oliver says:

    Sharin Engler you should probably take you’re own advise and re-read the part that says “mega rant to Groupon”

  16. I had a similar experience with a detailing shop through groupon years ago. One call to groupon and my money was refunded within a few days. Shortly after the company was removed from their site.

  17. Andrea Jobin Andrea Jobin says:

    Naomi Thompkinstake your advice and read also…. “Mega rant to groupon and rave to pinup Detailing!

  18. Its not groupons fault tho. Its the company that agrees to be on groupon and dont follow through thats at fault here groupon didnt keep ur car for a whole weekend the company did.

  19. OP wasn’t bashing groupon
    Try reading the post

  20. Was the first one Ziebart? Because I feel like I had this EXACT experience with them and a groupon…

    • Anjie Robinson I did as well, mind you this was 5-6 years ago but not surprised to hear nothing has changed if this is the place in question.

    • Anjie Robinson I too had a bad experience with Ziebart got my windows tinted they blew out my back window trying to take off the antenna took them three weeks to get a new window when I got the vehicle back and the new window leaked and I three different colors of tint on my vehicle I will never use them again

    • I know that Bubbles got a negative review from me as my daughter had her truck detailed there. When she picked it up, and I was with her, the seats were soaking wet, the carpet was full of water and after a couple of days it smelled like mildew even after it was vacuumed with a wet dry vacuum.

  21. Thank you for the post. Will definitely be trying out pinup detailing.

  22. Katie Hurley Katie Hurley says:

    In England go to the petrol station and you can get the whole inside and out of your car detailed by 5 Polish blokes for $30 and they are done in 20 minutes hahaha never seen anyone work so fast

  23. Christa Reach Goudreau exactly!! That’s the entire point of advertising on Groupon and it seems that this company completely missed that concept. I don’t understand why they even bothered!

  24. Should have posted the name of the place with the abysmal service so people can choose to avoid them.

  25. I’d like to know the name of the place who had the nerve to advertise on Groupon and then treated you so shitty. That’s awful!!!

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