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Hi I just wanted to update you guys. I was the one who wrote about the poor mental health services in Alberta.

You’ll be happy to know that i went to the UofA hospital and they do have in take you have to choices either 8:30 or 12:30 to do an assessment.

The doctor said its very hard to get in but to keep trying. I got in on my first try. I got a proper diagnosed and seen both a psychiatrist and psychologist.

I have a treatment plan and they are referring me to meet with an ED specialist so I can have some peace of mind. I was very persistent about my mental health and didn’t take no for an answer and stayed as long as I needed to.

The doctors aren’t the most happy go lucky ray of sunshine.


But beggars can’t be choosers and I’m just happy to being someone who can guide me through this,



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  1. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    i am glad you found some assisstance.

  2. So glad to hear. You are clearly motivated to get help and you are going to be fine! Keep at it. It’s hard work but you’ve got this!

  3. So glad to hear woohoo!!!

  4. Jill Turner Jill Turner says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting the help you need! Sending positive vibes your way.

  5. Good for you. Nice to hear you take and are willing to do your part. So many people think they are much above the doctor and if that is the case why waste his time to begin with? I love your attitude.

  6. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    Way to go! Very proud of you stranger! You’re taking the right steps to taking care of you!

  7. That is great! That first barrier is a big one, so pleased for you to be on the path to discovery and insight, as well as treatment. Best of luck!

  8. That is awesome. First step is admitting you need help and the next step is asking for help and working on and with the help given.

  9. U of A is wonderful for out-patient services. I go there for dental services. Much cheaper than private sector & professors always check the work.

  10. ED… How did erectile disfunction come into this?


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