Merry Christmas and Happy holidays

This is a shoutout to everyone struggling this year. Last Christmas my family had the worst Christmas I’ve ever experienced. We almost lost our rental. Had to use the food bank. Didn’t have many gifts for the kids. Bills piling up. Couldn’t afford Santa photos. Felt over come with despair.

How I coped was to try and have perspective. I told myself that not every year would be like this. That there are good and bad years. That it was ok. But even with trying to use positive self talk it was till very difficult and I cry when I think about how hard it was, we came close to homelessness. And the complete shame that consumed me was beyond anything I could describe.

This year we are doing much better. And more stable. I give where I can but I have compassion in spades.

I really urge people who post unkind comments on ppsts asking for help kinds to really stop and consider the impact of that. Sure some people may be scammers. And sure. Some people bring their own misery on themselves. But sometimes shitty things happen to hard working people. Sometimes it just takes a couple of hits for people to find themselves in a precarious situation.

Please just stop being so mean. I actually feel sorry for all the people posting nasty comments. How unhappy are you in your life that you have to be so mean? Genuinely happy people don’t treat others like that.


Sure the posts asking for help and handouts can get a bit much but you never know other people’s struggles and life dynamics. If you don’t want to help, you don’t have to. But please stop adding to the misery of the world with your nastiness.



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