Merry Christmas to All My Single PeePs

Well its that time of the year where we All Come together as People to Celebrate a day of Love Life and Christmas DInner, But there are Some of us Single, Who want to Try and Find New Life through Love, But when we all Put ourselves out there in saying that we wand to Meet someone Who Likes us for our Personality or Lust for Life. But in turn we Find Life or Heartache because we all Are Here To FInd Happiness, How do you Define it as Ones Happiness through, Means of Spending time with a Other who wants to share the rest of there life with but When we Apply ourselves to find someone We go out to dinner And Most bars to Meet People. or Now with Online dating Apps Like Tinder, Pof, And Meetme. We All Are out there to Find that Missing Puzzle Peace in our Lives No Matter what holiday or what time we Have in this Life We are Meant to Live, So, What i Have to Say Is My Views on, Dating in general and Never Having the Experience. of a Real Relationship.

Since i Was 18 Like all of us we start off in the world working Trying to Have a Social Life But with me It was The total Opposite, I was working in a sales Job for 10 Years i Was Happy the first few Years but i Decided that a Change was Due so i took the Steps in a Way to Seek a New Career, In time i Became a Doorman. it was Fun. But i wanted something more By the time i was 20 i Started to work in the Bigger Nightclubs. But When i wanted to Have some time to go Out for a Drink with Friends It Never Came around to the Point of What Friends i Did have worked and i was Not the Party Animal i once was. So i kept working. Experiencing Some things in My Life That Changed My Outlook and Trust in People of who i Could Open Up to. But when you Live in a CIty of Champions, The one man out of 1.5 Billion Who is Looking for a Real Relationship. i Have done the Bars and nightclubs i Have Had Friends who were women, and yet i Never took the Next Step. i Know Some would Ask Why.


It Wasn’t Because of My Work it was not Because of My Life Choice to Stay SIngle i Stayed singe Because i Felt that there was Someone Out there But my Heart Told me to Wait. And So i did

i Have Been Waiting For Close to 12 Years, and within that time i Have Had Some Women in My Life But It Never Went Beyond, what i had Hopped to Be a Real Relationship,


They Always Say that Relationships are Built on Trust Love and Hope, that Somewhere There Is Someone Looking up at the Stars and thinking that there is Someone at that same Moment in time Looking Up And thinking how Amazing the Stars Look on a Clear Night. (Agent K MIB)

I Hope you all have a Great 2018, and All the best to Health and Happiness





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