Metoo movement…..what is it really?

Back in the day of someone didn’t like a politician or a celebrity or whatever, they assassinated them.

Now we have the #metoo movement. Where we have thrown the need for evidence or proof out the window. Now you don’t have to assassinate them, you can just say they harassed you……jobs cancelled, lives ruined.

I used to support this movement. As.someone who has experience sexual assault first hand (never reported it) I was happy to see victims standing up. But now it’s a joke. A farce being used as warfare and it’s losing credibility.

I guess we only have ourselves to blame



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  1. Since when did trump start using Edmonton shout out?

  2. “Back in the day..” What day? The stone ages?

  3. Hanna Garvey Hanna Garvey says:

    I read a great article the other day on the risk news corporations take in publishing these stories. The risk of being sued, a loss of reliability, losing your job as the writer of a false story, and more make untrue, biased stories very unlikely unless reputable evidence is retracted. The livelihoods of the news employees are on the line if their publications are false- rest assured that if it was published by a reputable company, they wholeheartedly believe there is enough evidence to feel confident in the case. This means evidence such as social patterns, multiple (and agreeing) cases, police involvement, overall feasibility, etc. Just an interesting perspective I hadn’t considered.

  4. So, silence is the way to go? Perhaps, and call me crazy, the problem is far more pervasive than we could have imagined. And where do you draw the line? Make a list of infractions and pick which ones are worthy to mention? If it’s not on the list, zip your lip? Come on.

  5. #metoo wasn’t about perpetrators. It was about victims sticking together and believing each other.

    Anyone who makes it about themselves makes me suspicious. What are you afraid of?


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