Mice at WEM Starlight Casino

I recently volunteered at West Edmonton Mall’s Starlight Casino. The volunteers lounge had an huge mouse in it. When some of the volunteers informed the staff about the mouse they said they knew about it and they cannot do anything because the whole mall is full of mice. Staff refused to put a mouse trap in the room and did not take any of the volunteers suggestions seriously. The mouse remained active in the room for the entire two days of our casino. The mouse was not scared of people but may of the volunteers were terrified of the mouse!
The volunteers lounge is a place for volunteers to eat their meals and to wait (sometimes hours at a time) until they are needed for their position. There are snacks and coffee in the lounge for us. My issue is that mice are filthy and can carry disease. For volunteers to be subjected to these conditions is gross and completely unacceptable.
Yes, we are volunteers but we do it to support organizations and activities throughout the city.
I’m really annoyed about this entire situation and feel that the general public and anyone that volunteers at the Starlight Casino should be aware of the conditions that they will be working in.



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  1. Judy Speight Judy Speight says:

    Everywhere you go has some kind of mouse traps outside or just inside the door. Often near the carts….Look down !

  2. We were at the Citadel Theatre watching the mice in the indoor garden they have there. They were pretty active and not afraid of people there either.

  3. Never mind the mice – the mall rats are a much bigger problem

    Plus where else would some of those Chinese food places get the pork they need?

  4. Mice are everywhere lol

  5. …and I thought the only rodent infestation was from Notley and Phillips apparently their children are running wild

  6. Got mice? Call this guy…Knut Johansen Willier. He terrorizes those little vermans ..

  7. The volunteers are there on behalf of a nonprofit, it is done as a fundraiser. Over a 3 month period volunteers from organizations do their volunteer hours as chip runners, in the cash cage etc. At the end of 3months the organizations split the proceeds of that pot. It can get an organization $10-20k for 48 hours of work. The casinos seem to be on a 3 yr rotation, so once every 3 yrs an organization can work that particular casino.

  8. Best way to get rid of a mouse problem is to bring in a few snakes they will be more then happy to help he he he

  9. Cee Bee Cee Bee says:

    Holy fack, were you born in a glass box. Also, you should probably never go to New York lol

  10. Shawna Walsh Shawna Walsh says:

    Its flipping cold outside. Mice deserve to be warm too. And what better choice than a mall – lots of running space, snacks and the pleasure of hearing silly people scream because of a tiny mouse.

  11. Rain S Worth Rain S Worth says:

    Just a heads up… Mice everywhere… Especially at Wem where I’m more concerned about the cockroaches

  12. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    maybe those mice work there, hired to keep an eye on you lol

  13. ….it’s a mouse. Are YOU cold when you go outside? Can you imagine being 1/1000th your current size, and how much more the cold would hit you? Did it bite you? Steal your food? Give you hanta virus? It’s a fucking MOUSE. Ignore it.

  14. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    There are birds flying around Costco and Save On Foods. And mice. Sooo yeah.

  15. FYI…bulk food bins at grocery stores are definitely not mouse proof or inspected for mouse turds before you buy. I worked at Superstore years ago and after seeing the evidence, I have never bought bulk again. Mice are everywhere.

  16. mice are all over Edmonton.

  17. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    Call the health board.

  18. Lexci Krahn Lexci Krahn says:

    There are mice, literally, everywhere. Even in your house, right now.
    It’s balls cold out and they’re not wandering the streets, that’s for sure.

    West Edmonton Mall is enormous and there are many pest-control protocol being utilized from mice to cockroaches.

  19. Mariela Jara Gross! I’m glad I didn’t see this mouse.

  20. Rocky Wilson Rocky Wilson says:

    LOL then you don’t want to know how many mice there can be at a grocery warehouse. Use to work in one and there’d be tons of traps in the loading/storage area in the back. Also one reason I always wash/wipe the top of a pop can before drinking from it…just saying lol

  21. Split your lunch, make a friend. Bet he has some pretty good stories.

  22. Just a mouse ffs leave it be

  23. Borrow some cats from animal shelter. They fix all the mice

  24. Just step on it, problem solved.

  25. West Edmonton mall was build on an open field that was already full of mice. The entire mall has them and there is really nothing that can be done. Yes they are dirty but they have been in the mall from the beginning and will be there until the end.

  26. My garage is full of them. They only stop by for the winter. I consider it helping the cold, homeless and hungry.

  27. Should see the cock roaches scatter in the pool when they turn the lights on

  28. The mall has cockroaches too. Welcome to buildings where there’s a constant food supply and multiple entrance spots… nature of the beast.

  29. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    Mice are literally everywhere lol. Every mall, every casino, every fast food resturant..

  30. There are mice everywhere, most are scared of humans. They are in grocery stores, Canadian Tire, Costco, all over….don’t be so terrified.

  31. Those are ALBERTA SEWER RATS and need a place to live!!!

  32. Ali C-f Ali C-f says:

    Lol well you certainly don’t want to see the mall staff hallway in phase 3 food court.

  33. I’ve always wanted to bring my cat to work. He’d be good for business to!
    lol in my dreams tho

  34. Barry Martin Barry Martin says:

    Maybe the mouse wanted to volunteer? Damn you people are picky!!!!

  35. They have cockroaches too. Take a seat.

  36. Melissa Bray Melissa Bray says:

    I would be more worried about mold and asbestos at wem than a mouse.

  37. So out of all the “volunteers” sitting there not one of you thought to rub the little vermin out yourself?

  38. Jaime Sharon Jaime Sharon says:

    mice are everywhere. meh

  39. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    The health board might have something to say about that. If it’s not taken care of there will be an infestation through out the mall and considering there is food everywhere there they are required to have pest management controls in place. It’s the law!

    • Dana McVey there already is an “infestation” in the mall. There are mice pretty much everywhere on the first floor, only a matter of time before they went up to the second.

    • Lexci Krahn Lexci Krahn says:

      They’re on all floors.
      There was a pet store in the mall that sold mice and fed mice to reptiles. Sold crickets, snakes, etc.

      The mall is teeming with small animals. Dont’ worry about it.

    • Dana McVey I cant imagine that mall doesnt have an extensive pest control policy in place and in action.

      Sounds to me like OP just wanted to see a trap for their own peace of mind. But when you see a mouse in a specific area of such a large building, putting a trap in that area will likely not fix the problem.

      Sounds like OP didnt get an immediate reaction and action from the staff they assume that to be ignoring the issue….


  40. Although most common house mice don’t have the hanta virus, it’s more likely for deer mice. To be honest, that’s still gross and there could be contamination or increase allergies in staff members (volunteers are still covered in some aspects with it comes to health and safety). If you’d like to push the issue you can contact AHS for a health inspection or AB OHS to have the casino/mall deal with the bio hazard… I’ve seen orders to remove pigeons so it’s not totally unheard of. FYI a mouse, other than gross- is unlikely to attack or hurt anyone unless being crushed in a hand. Rats will attack if cornered.

  41. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Westmount is full of mice and silverfish!

  42. Lmao theres mice everywhere cant be helped especially in a mall lol

  43. Jebus, it’s just a mouse, it’s not a velociraptor.

  44. Josh Regnier Josh Regnier says:

    Capital Health Network needs to be made aware of this. If the Starlight Casino – West Edmonton Mall and West Edmonton Mall won’t address this rodent infestation – the health inspectors will force them to call Orkin Pest Control.

  45. Report to Alberta Health services

  46. Dave Wilson Dave Wilson says:

    Mice are rarely alone. 99% of the time they are not a problem. Like spiders and insects, just leave them to go about their business and you go about yours. You’ll be fine. Now, if you had seen more than 100 of them over the course of a few minutes, then you’d have a real reason to be upset.

  47. Lmao lady you probably have mice hiding out in your car. They are legit E-V-E-R-Y-WHERE.

  48. Amy Michelle Amy Michelle says:

    He probably has a name they gave him. At the McDonald’s I worked at when I was 15 had one.

  49. Everywhere has mice. They are also all required to have pest control in place. So sometimes you see one before it gets trapped or dies of poisoning.

  50. There’s probably alot worse than mice in that mall

  51. Bill Howatt Bill Howatt says:

    Anywhere warm has mice in the winter, regardless if you see them or not. Maybe he was an unofficial mascot of the casino?

  52. Adam Warmuth Adam Warmuth says:

    Stab it, roast it and eat it. Same as half the food there but you can claim it as “farm to table”

  53. …. There are no words that can realistically explain how ridiculous this post is.

  54. Taryn Millar Taryn Millar says:

    Dont go to the mall then. That isn’t all that is lurking where you eat

  55. Newsflash – all malls have mice.

  56. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    Most buildings have mice. I’m pretty most businesses have traps somewhere on the premises. That being said, I’m never going there. I can’t stand mice.

  57. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    It’s cold outside he was just staying warm and escaping being fed to you in the food court

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