Missed Connection

She’s tall, with smart glasses and long hair the colour of butterscotch. She takes the 85 bus downtown every morning, and sits at the back, usually lost in her phone like the rest of us.

In the afternoon, she takes the same bus back toward Capilano, thanking the driver when she leaves.

I have no idea who she is, but she’s beautiful. If by some chance she gets to read this message, she should know that she has a secret admirer who wants to know her name, and what her favourite beverage is.



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  1. Whatever happened to “hi, my name is blank. Would you like to go for coffee sometime?” Instead you post on a page by chance she’ll see? You see her everyday man!!!! Go talk to her!!!

  2. This is so weird. Just talk to her (assuming you haven’t totally freaked her out with this post)

  3. Jenna Unrau Jenna Unrau says:

    Come on! That’s adorable.
    I hate when people talk to me on the bus.
    If you don’t hear back in a couple days, then go talk to her. Compliment her jacket or boots.
    Just don’t say “you’ve got purty hair haw haw”.

  4. It rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose.

  5. Seeing as you take the bus with her everyday why dont you talk to her? Dont be a stalker, have a conversation.

  6. Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

    Creep? Stalker? Wha….? Couple of paranoid females passing judgement.
    Sounds like a nice man who would like to meet this young lady without being pushy. Good luck!

    • Did you just assume someone”s gender?

    • Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

      Alden Gushnowski sorry Alden. I’m old. Guess that’s not Pc anymore.

    • Paranoia has nothing to do with it. It’s a little creepy. He should just talk to her.

    • Not many people approach one another anymore. I’m guessing due the the harsh rejections of the past. Also, some people don’t have the social skills (thanks dating sites and social media) to go strike up a conversation with someone they are attracted to.

    • Jenn LaValley, and if he approached her the wrong way or said the wrong thing then he’s the next victim of the metoo movement.

      I don’t blame any guy these days for being scared to approach a woman.

    • Charlene Piche The problem is that when he does get her number he sends her a dick pic and a text of “DTF?” instead of actual conversation.

    • Lol i had to ask what DTF stood for.
      And at that point, yep, he’s a douche. But I have also seen women, without provocation, send my coworkers some very questionable photos when they haven’t even met so that’s not just a dude thing.

      But either way, I have seen women call harassment when told they have a nice smile….not all guys are loser douches, but they are all treated like they are.

  7. Are you in the presence of God? Are you working? Are you able to cultivate her? If not, it’s better for that man to be alone.

  8. Aww this kinda cute, grow some and say hi! Never know until you do

  9. Tom Edward Tom Edward says:

    And now she has to take an Uber

  10. Description matches many, including myself. It could be anyone. Regardless it is nice that someone took the time in whatever way they were most comfortable to put it out there. You never know what a little honestly will bring even if it is anonymous.

  11. Put your big boy panties on and go and talk to her

  12. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    smart glasses.. maybe so smart she new ur crazy


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