Missing Animals – Missing my Little Buddy – Please Help!!!

Hey guys!!! I’m missing my cat! He’s been gone for the last week or so. He sometimes leaves but never for this long! He’s an orange tabby, he’s a year and a half old! Super fluffy and affectionate ! His name is Jackson (Jax).

He’ll sit on anyone and hang out with them if they pet him! I don’t think anything bad has happened to him but I think someone might have taken him in! If you did, no hard feelings and no questions asked!!

I just want my baby back 🙁

Everyone in our house including the other cat and the dog miss him!

He went missing in the MacEwan area, off 111 Street on the south side of Edmonton! Please, if you have any information at all, call me!!! 587-984-7871.


(Submitted on September 27th at 7:17pm)



9 Responses

  1. Put posters up, seriously. That’s how I found mine and it was an ETS bus driver getting off his night shift who found her. She was hiding under the bushes we looked at a dozen times.

  2. Matt Bird Matt Bird says:

    Don’t let your cat roam the city and you won’t lose it….

  3. Debra Young Debra Young says:

    Please let us know when your Little Buddy comes back, love to hear those stories. He’s probably just having a good time being a cat, exploring, hunting and worrying you. He’ll come home and wonder why you’re hugging & kissing him.

  4. Put his litter box outside, I heard cats can follow the smell of their litter box

  5. check spruce and stony lost and found pets!

  6. Mel Maurice Mel Maurice says:

    Keep an eye on the animal control website – someone grabbed my brothers cat thinking he was lost and took him to animal control a week later.


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