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I lost my woven wrap today at the TELUS World of Science Edmonton. To most people, it would look like a piece of fabric or blanket or a shawl or something but to me, it’s a very sentimental baby wrap that I use to carry my babies. I was only in the discovery land part and I know I put it back in my stroller when I was done using it so I’m thinking it fell out of the stroller as we were walking back to the car or as I was loading the stroller in my van. My only hope is that someone picked it up with the intention of returning it. The time I left the science centre to when I went back was only about an hour.

I’ve called the science center three times to see if anyone has turned it up, and I’ve even driven over there to look myself. This was one of A Love So Rares handwovens. The colours are ice blue, t
eal, purple, coral and black. There is a firework middle marker and also a Mickey Mouse middle marker. These are pretty distinct markings and no other wrap has these.

I am so embarrassed and extremely devastated. This wrap is so special to us. Worst part? I’ve had it for less than a week.

So if you see anything, hear anything please let me know. Especially if you see it on the Marketplace somewhere.


A Heartbroken Babywearer

Contact Holly Boisvert if found!



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  1. That sucks, but…
    You’ve had it for a week. How much sentimental value can it have acquired in one week?

    • A day.. a week.. or a year.. you have no clue what the sentimental value it has. Maybe the markings mean something, maybe the wrap was made for her or someone special bought it for her. Woven wraps are on of a kind.

      You should keep your rude little comment to yourself

    • I’m not sure if I really need to explain this to you but it’s a handwoven item. These wraps takes weavers hours upon hours upon hours to create. Each thread is specifically placed and it represents significant parts of ones life story. Just an example: The three firework markings represent each of my kids. This item is one of a kind. It cannot be remade. So yes, it has a great sentimental value to me

    • Holly Boisvert Megan I designed this wrap and holly is my best friend. It was made after my family trip to Disney where I announced the death of one of my babies. It has a great deal of sentimental value to me. Each piece was handwoven. I have 5 pieces myself and one of the pieces I gave to my friend holly to customize and call her own. It’s not able to be replicated and replaced so yes even if she’s only had it a week, I designed this custom for months and months, each piece and it’s in honour of my child. So please unless you know the story, do not comment. These are family heirlooms that I created.
      I’m sure by the photos you can appreciate It’s beauty and just leave your rude comments to yourself.

    • Amber Larson Amber Larson says:

      Holly, I hope you get it back. It’s beautiful and such an amazing special memory. It’s sad people like Megan feel the need to be so negative. Ahhh keyboard warriors.

    • It wasn’t handmade by my friend. It was handmade FOR my friend. It was her custom wrap. As she explained above. She has five pieces of it.

      However my piece was my semi-custom (based on her custom) the symbols on my particular piece are significant of my own life story.

    • it does not matter how long or who made it … what it matters is that a became something precious to some one so either you help or don’t say anything at all… hope you find it.

    • Jolene Davis Jolene Davis says:

      She shouldn’t have to explain the sentimental value… who cares how long she had it. It meant something special to her and it’s missing. What’s the matter with you?!?

    • What does it matter who made it? It was special to her whether she had it for a week or for an hour.

  2. It’s gone. Sorry.

  3. As a fellow babywearer my heart is broken for you. I know how special these wraps can be! I will keep my eyes open for it!

  4. Larissa Chantel Kleemola

  5. It is absolutely gorgeous. I wish you the best of luck finding it.

  6. Jason Kornik Jason Kornik says:

    We had our wrap draped over the stroller at kingsway. We were less then 5 feet away eating lunch and this lady tried to help herself to our wrap. We stopped her and she was like oh I was just looking. Good luck on getting it back. Edmonton is really bad for thefts.

    • People are absolutely ridiculous. Some lady decided that she would just walk over and pick up my two year old…I was baffled and yanked my child back. I understand wanting to be nice, but there’s a line.

  7. Updated post with the backstory. Hopefully this clears up any confusion….

  8. Whoever took it will get caught using it or selling the baby wearing community is huge and very tight nit community

  9. I really want this to be found

  10. Sorry Holly when I sent this in for submission, I thought it was yours. But the exposure is still there!

  11. I really hope you find it! Maybe post this in the b/s/t pages?


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