Missing dog Pomeranian/chihuahua mix

My little guy went missing today December 17 at 12pm north side Edmonton 132ave between 107 and 109st. The person he was left with did not put his collar or anything on him. He is missed dearly and loved please if you have any information regarding his whereabouts please contact me. He is my whole world and I am lost with out him. He is the only family I have in this province. 613-818-1989 he responds to Kevin or stinky he also has a distinct white mark on his forehead



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  1. Not my dog, just sharing that he’s been found.

  2. You should check out International pet registries. They have a FB group. We have our dogs registered with them in the event one of our fur babies goes missing.

  3. Ginge R. Ale Ginge R. Ale says:

    Omg… that doggo so cute… not sure if id give him back lol good luck.

  4. Tiara Preist Tiara Preist says:

    hope nobody ate that cute lil guy

  5. Post on Edmonton lost pets and Edmonton and area lost pets

  6. Check daily.

  7. Praying he is returned home soon. We need a Christmas miracle

  8. I seen a young man yesterday walking through the Canadian tire parking lot on manning with a tiny dog that looked very similar. I only noticed him because he came out of the store carrying the dog.

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