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Missing last seen in Edmonton!


Well everyone, my brother is officially reported missing. He struggles with severe mental health issues and was recently released from the Alberta Hospital. Upon his discharge, he had befriended a patient by the name of Jericho Labonte, who went AWOL from the hospital and is considered missing as well. Today we received a call from Michael’s group home that he had not made it back last night and wondering if he was still with my mom. My mother had not seen him since he left her home yesterday, on February 16, 2019.
Through accessing Michael’s Facebook account, we have gathered that he and Jericho had been searching for accommodations outside of Alberta and vaguely told his younger sibling over a phone call that he was going on an adventure and not to worry about him. Michael is considered high risk and requires his medication which we believe he has not been taking.
A report has been filed with the Edmonton police. Any and all information on my brother or the individual that he is with is greatly appreciated. We believe they are on their way towards Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Michael is described as 19 years old, caucasian, 5’11 and approximately 135llbs. He has light brown hair and bright blue eyes. Last seen wearing a brown jacket with blue/grey patterns. He has thick black eyebrows/unibrow. Usually has facial hair. Wearing either a black, grey, or navy plain toque. He also wears several chains, silver necklaces, and other jewelry.

The only description for Jericho Labonte that we have at this moment is that he is caucasian, tall, slender, with long brown hair and facial hair.

Please contact me at ANY time with any related information.

Michael, if you can see this, we love you and we all just need to know that you are safe.

Please share this information.



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  1. Dave I. says:

    I submitted a post of what I saw, but not sure if you would see it, so I will say it in this comment. In Saskatoon on Feb 21st at the A&W on Idylwild dr. at about 8am., there was a thin fellow with a hoody on who was running around waving his arms and acting very strange, like he was on drugs. A worker told him to leave and he did right away. You never know. I guess he could have made it to Saskatoon. Maybe they have security cameras there. Dave

  2. Sara Tropea Sara Tropea says:

    Shared Edmonton hope hes found

  3. Sue Kidd Sue Kidd says:

    Shared Edmonton. I hope he is found safe and sound! Prayers to all!

  4. Jane Johnson Jane Johnson says:

    What is Michaels last namepls so we can check

  5. Missy Melly says:

    I could be wrong but i saw a young fellow at the Calgary Trail Superstore a few days ago. He was walking with a bigger stature guy… maybe their instore security can check their system..

  6. Hayley Jay Hayley Jay says:

    Check inner city agencies and google Jericho he is very good at being lost.

  7. I hope he is found safe. Positive vibes to his family.

  8. Actually looks like the guy panhandling on the corner of 111street and 23 Ave today.

  9. Leah C Gibson you should share this

  10. Jenna Chase Jenna Chase says:

    A friend of mine posted this on myself and my family’s behalf. Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you.

  11. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    I know some ppl in Saskatoon. Will share to them

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