Missing Person – Mother and Wife: Annecia Rodgers

This is my cousin, Annecia Rodgers. She’s been missing since the beginning of September. Typically, she has always kept in contact regularly with her mother and was active on FB but nobody has heard from her in almost a month and we’re very worried.

She’s listed as missing with the Cold Lake Military Police as she lived on the base but Edmonton Military Police are also following up. It’s believed she’s with a man named Chris Neudorf. He’s a dangerous man wanted for several serious crimes in several provinces. If you see either of them please call the police immediately. – Anonymous


(Submitted on September 28th at 11:23am)



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  1. Roma Ramazio Roma Ramazio says:

    A question, if he is a dangerous man, why is she with him then?

  2. Beautiful lady. I hope she is okay.

  3. Shaun says:

    She was found last night in calgary thank you for all that shared

  4. Thomas says:

    My best friend Annecia is back with her kids safe and sound. You can contact the military police in cold lake for confirmation.

  5. Annecia is still with Chris Neudorf – mostly in the maple Ridge/Mission area, possibly at his fathers – he is locking her in any vehicle by removing all inside door handles and jamming locks – he continues to proposition others as well. will not let her be two feet out of his sight at all times, will not let her speak to others … she passed us notes begging ‘help me’ ‘I want to go home’ he won’t let her pee unless he is in the stall with her … he hangs onto her by the neck and has threatened her with tools if she talks about anything ‘close to home’ she is shaking and scared and tears come to her eyes frequently – we tried to arrange an escape – every time she asks to go home ‘ he locks her in the truck and tells others ‘they are having ‘family issues’ I believe she is being unwillingly confined in every sense of the word – we have notified police that they are in the area between Bridal Falls bc and Mission/Maple Ridge – Stave Lake Road area, Dewdney Trunk Road area… will keep my eyes open.


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