Missing Persons

We are looking for our daughter and granddaughter. They have been missing since Sept 19th 2016

She could also be in the Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, (with friends or at a shelter), Kewlona, Nanaimo, (with Bio-mom Corrine Schafer or Bio-moms friends, they are not cooperating with us or the RCMP) in the BC area.

If anyone is hiding Shanel and baby they could be and will be charged with Aiding/Abetting by the RCMP if you’re caught with them before we find them.

If you see them please do not alert them. As she will go further into hiding and we do not want that.

She has missed court and a warrant has been issued. Due to the nature of this situation Shanel could also possibly be charged with kidnapping, child endangerment, evading the police, and a few other charges. So we want to find her and baby before the RCMP do as the out come will be much easier for her and baby if we find her first.


Please contact us.

There has been a missing persons report filed. She is named as the abductor.

Please share with your friends in the BC area.

Hair color was red when they disappeared but might have changed it since then.



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  1. Is there actual police documentation regarding this situation?
    Wouldn’t there then be an amber alert issued?

  2. Amy Melby Amy Melby says:

    The mother/grandmother has not contacted the police yet as she may be charged with abduction. They are hoping she will come in on her own first (there was another post about it in Edmonton Buy/Sell group)

  3. Sounds very sketchy to me!! And should not be on this site!!! If true how come nothing on news or RCMP sites!!! So sketchy

  4. Billie Jo Nielsen-Kramer

  5. Coming the step-mom you guys have not idea what we are going through right now. Just put your self in my our shoes and see how you would feel. I can not stand it when people have to judge others just because they do not think something is right in their opinion. Maybe try to help a young mother that is scarred shitless to comeback to us before we can not help her. I would not wish this upon no one not even my worse enemy. And for documention I personally do not have them as they are with the father of the baby and his family, but me husband and I did go to court as he was served with papers. We are doing everything that is asked of by the courts and EPS. We just want to find them to help them. If those of you that cant help then please keep your nasty comments out

  6. Kayla Lee Kayla Lee says:

    This is so wrong. If a baby is missing and the mom kidnapped her issue an amber alert. Why ask the authorities for help finding the child if you will be interfering with their investigation. This seems really sketchy.

  7. Begs the question why a mother would hide her child.
    Three sides to a story.

  8. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    She’s not a fugitive they wouldn’t be aiding and abetting

  9. I’m sorry you’re going through this :(. I understand how difficult these situations are.

  10. Amanda Cole Amanda Cole says:

    If shanel is hiding the baby, wouldn’t there be an amber alert issued for the baby? This seems pretty sketchy…

  11. Rita Mae Zuk Rita Mae Zuk says:

    Maybe if her and the child are in shelter there’s a reason for it. She could be running from abuse, it wouldn’t be fair for anyone to tell you guys where she is for several reasons. I say leave this to police, file a report.

  12. OMG so the baby’s mom is a kidnapper? How or why?

  13. I would run away with my child to. It is her child. She carried the damn child for 9 months. All she’s probably trying to do is keep her child and not have her taken away:( so sad

  14. Sai Styles Sai Styles says:

    This sounds like an ex or a husband that she’s escaping.dont warn her?idk maybe I watch to many shows about wives feeling and husband playing the “concerned” part.idk

  15. Maybe shes hiding for a reason. Maybe shes protecting her child from abuse or molester I’ve known this to happen more than people would think. And especially if its the 2nd. I’ve seen courts still give molesting fathers access to child even though there was documentation, police and physchologist testimonies etc. Court system often fails the child when it comes to protecting child forcing moms no other choice but to be the only protecter which is what a moms responsibility is. And charging mom in that case is utterly incomprehensible and judge should get their head examined. Lets hope for child sake its not due to anything like this.

  16. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    So from what I understand from the OP above…it seems the mother was to lose the baby as the father won full custody.

    She’s now taken off with the child which is where the kidnapping comes into play.

    The OP claims the mother was abusive to the father for a number of years.

    An amber alert probably hasn’t been issued yet as there may be minimal concern that the mother would harm the child. That’s my guess.


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