UPDATE – SHE’S BEEN FOUND! > MISSING PERSON (ST. ALBERT) – Krystal McCarthy; Last Seen on the Evening of August 17 as She Left with an Unknown Male

UPDATE – Krystal McCarthy is safe and sound. Thank you all for helping spread the word.

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MISSING PERSON (ST. ALBERT) – Krystal McCarthy – St. Albert RCMP are asking for the public’s assistance to locate 17 year old Krystal McCarthy of St. Albert, Alberta. Krystal was last seen in person on Monday, August 17, 2015 at approximately 8:30 p.m. at her residence in St. Albert. Krystal left her neighbourhood in the company of an unknown male and has had no contact with her family since.

Although there is nothing to lead police to believe that there is anything suspicious about Krystal’s disappearance, police and her family are concerned about her well-being. RCMP need to locate Krystal and speak to her as soon as possible.

Krystal is described as:

• white skinned
• slim build
• shoulder length brown hair
• blue eyes
• medium height

If you know anything about Krystal’s whereabouts, you are being asked to contact the St. Albert RCMP Detachment at 780-458-7700 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Krystal McCarthy Missing Edmonton St Albert

Krystal McCarthy, Missing from St. Albert, Alberta





45 Responses

  1. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    This has got to stop happening

  2. Krystal is okay I just talked to her, (I’ve been friends with her since we were little kids), she wants everyone to know she is fine

  3. I truly hope she is found safe …..on another note, I’m all for freedom of speech; however, being ignorant doesn’t fall into this category so I don’t understand why this site doesn’t block out Travis Millar for all his unnecessary and rude commentary.

  4. I’ve said this time and time again, our youth need to be held accountable. I’ve worked with the missing and murdered women subject for 15+ years. When a teen goes missing, right away Its assumed not suspicious, not always the case. We need to educate our youth and impose fines and community work for those just screwing around. Too much manpower being taken on cases where the teenager is being stupid. As for the family, I pray your daughter is found safe!!!

  5. Diana Dohei Diana Dohei says:

    I would certainly be concerned if it was my daughter. Shared.

  6. Shared, praying she is found safe

  7. It’s been a day. Teenagers do this all the time. Not worth freaking out over.

    • That is correct.

      I surpassed ages 13 – 19 entirely. On the day of my twelfth birthday, I immediately become twenty years of age.

    • Wow. This Travis guy is a fine piece of work. If u aren’t concerned then fine. Be quiet n keep ur extremely inconsiderate comments to urself. Unbelievable!
      U obviously don’t have children.

    • This Travis guy is just telling it as it is. I’m looking forward to her showing up drunk tonight and you can all kiss my ass.

    • She should already know that.

    • give your head a shake, troll. The RCMP issued the bulletin. Go troll on a Buzzfeed page where people don’t care so much.

    • No they didn’t, I called and asked. Say troll again, it is super solidifying your point.

    • So I guess it’s been longer than 24 hours. Thanks.

    • “Not worth freaking out over.”

      You don’t know this. She’s been gone an entire day, and hasn’t contacted any friends or family. I’d say this is kind of a big deal.

      Something you have to keep in mind is, each person; each family, is raised differently. Although this may not be a big deal to you and yours, it clearly is to Krystal’s parents.

    • You must not have been a teenager then.

    • Not sure how but ok.

    • As I said, it’s been a day. There is a reason cops don’t put out a missing report until 48 hours. “Oh shit! I haven’t seen Susan for an hour!, better call the cops!” I’m not saying the family shouldn’t be worried, I’m saying this is not a instance where a city wide manhunt is warranted.

    • The whole “48 hour” thing isn’t even true though, Travis…

    • Uh, yeah it is bud. Try and call the police before that and see the answer you get. I’m literally speaking from experience.

    • Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

      Travis Millar I really hope that that will be the case. But if it isn’t I’d rather have people looking out for her. Maybe someone will see this and let her know that her parents are worried.

    • Yeah but that is odd with cellphones and texting now days…

    • Fawn Moga Fawn Moga says:

      That’s not a fair statement. If this was typical behaviour for this individual, her parents wouldn’t have flagged the attention of the RCMP right away, and the RCMP wouldn’t draw attention right away to someone who has a history of fleeing. The first 24-48 hours are the most crucial to investigators, if God forbid, there was foul play. We should take these things seriously, and if we can’t, keep our stereotypical unnecessary comments to ourselves!

    • Not for a teenager. She’s having sex and ignoring her mother.

    • Remember those words Travis, you may end up eating them…

    • Anytime a Families Loved one/Child is missing and they haven’t heard from them than there is cause for concern, I don’t care who you are when it’s Your Loved one you do everything you can to find them and make sure they are O.K.

    • Rob Morris Rob Morris says:

      Travis Millar :

    • She’s been missing since August 17, so of course it’s more than 2 days, read before you comment so insensitively

    • But less than 48 hours…

      Interesting, Travis. Interesting.

    • This young women had NO HISTORY of running off, no history of not calling in or anything like that. THat is why she when up on the site so fast. It’s a shame we have people that feel that teenagers do this. I never did this. I never took off and not let my family know. This is something that teenagers DO NOT do when they come from decent homes. I hope she if found safe and sound

    • Lisa- Renee Lisa- Renee says:

      Wow Travis, you’re investing a lot of time, effort and energy on someone you don’t know AND seem to be getting a lot of joy antagonizing people who truly care for this girls well being! I can’t believe admin hasn’t knocked you off thread by now!
      I also can’t help but think all this effort on your part, “you called” the RCMP, BOLLOX, who does that???? Unless it might mean you may be the guy who took her, getting off on here playing games!!
      You’re ignorant and your being real, telling it like it is, is the most asinine thing I’ve read today!

      ******Why is admin allowing you to post your garbage in such a situation!******


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