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Anyone else getting so sick and tired of MLM companies and your friends hounding you to buy and sell their products? It’s getting to me and it’s everywhere I turn. I follow one person on Instagram and they immediately message me “hey girl love your page blah blah blah buy and sell my shit” FUCK OFF. Half these people aren’t even educated on what they are promoting. It’s just getting annoying. My cousin gives me a young living starter kit for Christmas I thought it was so nice of her then few days later she’s messaging me asking me to sign up and sell it like it lol. I am really into fitness so I post stuff on Instagram about my fitness journey, I can’t even tell you how many people message me in a week trying to get me to buy and sell their stupid pyramid company schemes. If you are a person who does this for a living, please know you are extremely annoying to the rest of us lol. Don’t message and hound people to buy or sell your stuff. Post whatever you want if someone is interested THEY WILL COME TO YOU!!! Rant over LOL. Have a good day peeps.


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  1. I don’t hassle anyone. I post here and there some of the things we sell and that’s it.

  2. How would you tell them, in a nice way, that you are not interested??

  3. Losers get a real job stop selling snake oil to make others rich

  4. This is getting annoyingly repetitive. I agree with what has already been said. Your issue is with MLMs? Or with your friends?

    I am with MLM and interestingly I am not sure if you are accusing me of being annoying or saying I am your friend. I am neither. But I don’t hound my friends.

    By the way, that young living kit is super expensive. I wish my friends gave me those as a gift lol

    Bottom line is – you don’t like how your own friends treat you, then stop hiding behind anonymous walls. Put on your big girl panties and say something.
    Nobody here will be able to do anything about it.

    Also, I was told our friends tell us about ourselves, our choices. You chose your friends. If you don’t like something they do, you need to learn to communicate with them. Or, at last resort, get new friends that respect your wishes.

    On same note, maybe your friends hate your instagram posts too? Next thing they will be posting here about you preaching health tips that are photoshopped…
    Sorry that isn’t meant to be rude but I had to unfriend someone that posted a lot about fitness then started to post on my own page about why I don’t go running with her (during the time I had foot surgery)…it is not only MLM people that may be annoying. But in my case I did say something several times, then finally decided to hit that fun “unfriend” button. Problem solved

  5. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    You need to post this on your own FB and have a serious chat with your family and friends. Don’t like it? Speak the hell up and quit ranting anonymously. If you don’t speak up, its your own fault if you get pestered by crappy reps. A good one let’s you come to them with your interest. A terrible one chases you.

  6. I am firmly against MLM

  7. I mean for some it works and they do a REALLY great job with it. But they also bust their butts as well.

  8. Sounds like MLM but ok

    sounds like mlm but okay

  9. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    **repeat post** hey op, quit bugging your friends! You are going to end up as an old man, renting a room in a tenement! Mlm gets you no where!

  10. Join the sounds like MLM but okay page super awesome

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