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I’m a recently single mom of 2 little girls, ages 4 and 5. The youngest is an extremely stubborn, strong willed little girl.

I have to admit, i feel like im at a loss when it comes to parenting both of them.

Can anyone recommend a good book, or resource for parents who need to learn?



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  1. Diane Peters they’ve always had wonderful resources!

  2. Diane Peters Diane Peters says:

    I went to a Mom’s and Tot’s group run by them and Brighter Futures 20 years ago. It was a wonderful resource back then!

  3. Diane Holmes Diane Holmes says:

    A great book is by Barbra Coloroso Kids Are Worth it.

  4. Jessica Ann Jessica Ann says:

    Call uncles and aunts at large. They can help you with everything including this.

  5. Parenting from the Inside Out. Or anything by Dan Siegel.

  6. Try reading the books by Barbara Coloroso, she helped me a LOT when I was a stay at home mom.

  7. Norwood child and family resource centre hosts many Triple P classes that can help you out! Check out their Facebook page or website for more information!

  8. Patrick Jean Patrick Jean says:

    My best advice is to talk to other parents and watch them. I’ve learned more this way than any other.

  9. Best advice. Don’t give in because of guilt and if you need to take a minute to reflect before answering. That’s ok. Also. Early bed time and no electronics.

  10. 1 2 3 magic and the time out process has been really questioned in its effectiveness. Especially when it comes to emotional melt downs. Isolating a child in emotional distress isn’t always the best when we’re trying to teach emotional regulation.

    I highly recommend Dr. Deborah MacNamara she’s in BC and on facebook. Her insight is mostly developed on the idea of parent child attachment and is Amazing!!! and also has a section in her book called The Alpha Child. I seen her speak on Anxiety and was able to trace root mine and both my kids anxiety issues and where they began….

  11. Marly Ranson Marly Ranson says:

    Go to a parent link centre.

  12. Debbie Venne Debbie Venne says:

    Barbara Coloroso. I saw a lecture of hers years ago and she is amazing!

  13. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    Consistency is key. And the mantra
    “Future CEO”

  14. If her behavior is very excessive, you might want to try have her seen by a specialist who can potentially rule out conditions such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Executive Disorder. If either one of these conditions, or many others, are present, your child’s brain development is different and will require very specific discipline and parenting styles, as the usual ones may create a bigger problem.

  15. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    I contacted children’s mental health. They put me in contact with the program, strongest families. Give that a try.

    • I second them. My youngest was 7 at the time and having freak out tantrums were he would make himself sick. The tools they give you made a huge difference and my son no longer has them.

  16. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Amanda Holley any thoughts

  17. This book opened my eyes and gave me good practical advice. Highly recommend it.

  18. Parent Link Center! They will give you Triple P parenting strategies family support,workshops, help you with anything. Meet other parents there and network…

  19. Bekah Dugas Bekah Dugas says:

    Parent link, give then a call. Theyre phenomenal and so so much help!

  20. Carmen Shaw Carmen Shaw says:

    No bad kids. It’s ebook only but worth the download

  21. 1,2,3 magic maybe. Helped with my son.

  22. The Conscious Parent is a game changer! Also look up the Highly Sensitive Child. I thought my son was stubborn incarnate but turns out he’s this and now our lives are infinitely easier.

  23. Niki Ginter Niki Ginter says:

    Remember that her strong will is going to make her a fantastic adult one day! You just need to make sure that she’s going to be the CEO of a company, not leading prison gang! Lol.

    Set some boundaries and set some goals for her. Unfortunately with strong willed children, the rewards for the goal need to be more than a gold star. Their reward systems don’t work the same way. Join some mom groups and find other moms with strong willed children.

    And remember, you got this mama!!

    • Niki Ginter Niki Ginter says:

      Oh something I should add. SPORTS. Something about structure and activity react very well with strong willed children. Get all that energy out. It’s not a fix all, cure all solution. But it helps.

    • Hanna Garvey Hanna Garvey says:

      i teach martial arts. Our stubborn kids are always the highest performers, and mostly adapt to the discipline expected the best

    • Niki Ginter Niki Ginter says:

      I truly believe that sports are such an important part of structure! When we go on breaks between season, my kid starts driving me crazy and we butt heads like you wouldn’t believe.

  24. Or private message me I’ll explain how it works. I used the technique until she was 16. She laughs at it now at 21 yrs old but you know what it still works to this day I just have to raise 1 finger and she know “stop” what your doing. Lol message me if you like. My kid has been a complete jewel and I’m sure this is a good reason why. Good luck you’ll make it and so will your kids

  25. A book call 1,2,3. Its amazing.1-2-3 Magic: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting

    • Niki Ginter Niki Ginter says:

      Rachelle Van Adestine This worked on my son until he was about 6. Maybe 7. Strong willed children just have a much different mindset!

      But anything is worth a try.

    • Niki Ginter You need to find the right tool as a cconsequence. I started giving her 20 dollars a week when she was 9, 5.00 a day. Direct deposit to her account on Friday’s, we reviewed weekly. If she acted out the allowance was deducted daily and when it came to Friday and I was only giving her 5.00 instead of 20.00 she learned real quick to get in line. Plus she is amazing with money now too. But you are correct not all things will work with all kids. Love understanding and open communication are the key. Remember to put yourself in their shoes, we were all little kids once and not so perfect either. Children are a blessing but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

    • Niki Ginter Niki Ginter says:

      He’s a tough one! Consequences may suck for him once or twice, but then he literally doesn’t care. The key I figured out with him is structure! Although, you can do the same thing everyday for the past 5 years and he will still “forget” to do it. He will play on your emotions, especially anger. And just when you think you have him all figured out, he goes and switches it up on you.

      He’s going to make an amazing adult one day! I just have to get him there haha.

    • Niki Ginter he knows you like a fiddle. Consistance and never backing down is the key. You will cry you will remember everytime you were tough on him but guess what when he’s older he will not remember you being tough but being a single mom who did the darn best she could. Dont back down go cry in your room of you have too but stick to your guns. Good luck it does get better.

  26. Shelley Dee Shelley Dee says:

    The omnipotent child . Palmer press

  27. the singing amma family community

  28. Emma Maguire Emma Maguire says:

    City centre west hosts parenting info evenings on a range of topics. Childcare included.

    No bad kids by Janet landsbury is a good read that shifted my perspective

  29. Take a deep breath and remember that you’ve got this. I’ve been there. Mom groups are great (my girls are all grown up now) but I see a lot of ladies are loving them.

  30. The strong willed child Dr Dobson.

  31. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Call Parent Link and ask about the “Triple P” parenting class. It’s free. They offer lots of support

  32. Sorry your going through this but you know what i never used a book on how to raise my kids, and with the bs about not spanking kids is garbage, i never hand to spank my kids and they turned out pretty darn good, i did send them to their rooms when needed, stopped them from doing the things they wanted to do most. yes send them to their rooms, why all the computers, tvs, etc in there now a days. Hun put your foot down be the mother and be stronger willed than her. She will push you away but you can pull her closer. Good luck

  33. Both a blog and a book as well by this awesome person. 🙂

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