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More restrictions

I have seen people on my street having parties etc and I don’t know if I should tell someone ????

I want to but I don’t want them to five out it’s me ….. should I confess all I know?



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  1. Brent says:

    Do not be a snitch?

    • AlbertansRFatNStupid says:

      She/he probably doesn’t belong to the disorganized, disorderly hillbilly mafia that you do; she/he is not required to be loyal to hillbillies either.

      I think she/he should not just spill the beans but video everything. Nothing is funnier than watching Albertans assemble and party. Such a fascinating bunch.

    • AlbertansRFunnyLooking says:

      Albertans should definitely wear masks.
      Albertans must also be very desperate to want to hang out with each other.

    • White Trash, White Hat says:

      Original posted in a Calgary forum; as Calgary is part of the toilet bowl of alberta, it did not receive a very good reaction from the white trash, white hat folk. This valid information will always kick a calgarian in the prairie oysters and will never touch their heart.

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