Moron in Walmart

To the Moron in Clairview Walmart at 3 pm today yelling at someone for not moving their cart because your in a hurry and you think the whole world revolves around you.

If you use manners like “excuse me please” it will get you a whole lot farther than move your *@#%! cart.

If you took the time to pull your head out of your ass you may have realized she couldn’t move cause she was waiting for the person in front of her to move.



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  1. Adam Scheffler says:

    The two most depressing words in the English language are “Clareview” and “Walmart” so put those two together and you’re bound to see some horribly damaged people.

  2. It’s Walmart……what do you expect??

  3. Tom Cooke Tom Cooke says:

    Fuck Tom Brady

  4. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Good thing it wasn’t me being yelled at ,

  5. If someone was rudely yelling at me I would have moved much slower… I was looking for a parking spot at Costco yesterday and waited patiently for a lady to unload her cart into her car, when she was done I pulled in. She apologized and I told her no problem, I am not in a hurry and told her to have a nice day. So we do have polite people in Edmonton too!

  6. Sadly no matter where u go rude people not just walmart

  7. It’s spelled Clareview

  8. Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguin says:

    Hope you said something to them instead of bitching about it on social media that they may never see. Stick up for eachother when people are being assholes

  9. Born and raised in Clareview and I won’t step foot in that place unless it’s necessary…. I will drive to Sherwood Park or Ft Sask … that place is crawling of rude people …. don’t need that aggravation

  10. Go to westmount Wal-Mart..there is nobody there

  11. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    Name calling won’t get you anywhere

  12. Some people get such pleasure in making a fool of themselves. Shame.

  13. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    That particular Walmart isn’t known for it’s great demographic. I cringe every time I have to go in there from hearing all the “parents” (a lot of them obviously under the grip of a drug addiction of some kind) screaming the soul out of their kids. You get a lot of Moms shopping there who wear hockey jerseys, pajama bottoms and have colored stripes in their corkscrew curled hair. That about sums up what kind of people you are getting interacting with when you shop at that place 🙁 And cue the trolls…….

  14. LS Lau LS Lau says:

    Don’t let these ppl at wal mart get you angry!! The angrier you get the better they feel… Better yet treat these ppl at wal mart with kindness and politeness!! It will kill them…

  15. Erin Saville Erin Saville says:

    Another good Walmart for winners is Northgate. Saw some really… ahem… interesting things there.

  16. Don Jackson Don Jackson says:

    That won’t happen to guys like us Frank Yurich….because they know they wouldn’t get away with it….


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