The mother in law did not have him there

Hello again! So thank God I talked to my hubby and didn’t just call my brother in law’s po, he was definitely not there, my hubs had a nanny cam set up that I didn’t know about and I saw for myself that a friend and her baby came over and that’s it.

He must’ve dropped the cat food off before we dropped off the kids. My brother in law is trying to get his life together and while I could very much forgo having anything to do with him, he’s her son and my spouses brother.

That said he’ll never know where my family lives or where my kids are going to school. He is allowed around kids with the parents present, I’m not gonna block my kids from seeing the rest of their family but yes he has to keep a good distance from them and I will never take my eyes off my kids at gatherings but I don’t do that anyways.

Thank you to the helpful people that commented, good bless



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  1. I personally would still sit down with the mother in law and talk to her about your concerns as family. Make sure that you stress that while you are not denying family members chances to be together, for your state of mind (and the welfare of your children) you would prefer that one of you be present at all time when he is around your children. You are raising them, you know when something is off with your kids, you know your children better then anyone else. And depending on ages of children, maybe talk to them about what is happening (ie tell younger ones that at family gathering that they should only be alone with you/their father, as they get older (mental ready) explain the situation).

  2. Try to remember that any time you leave kids at your mother in laws without you or your hubby there, you are putting her in a very awkward situation where she may have to choose between her son, whom she probably feels was wrongfully convicted and your children. She wants to believe in his innocence as any parent wants to believe in their kids. If he were to unexpectedly show up and your kids are there is she going to have the strength to turn him away at the door? She may be able to say yes to you but when the time comes she may cave, not because she wants to but because she loves him and still believes he would never hurt anyone….That doesn’t make her a bad person, it makes her a mom that loves her son unconditionally. I would hate to be in her shoes.

  3. i still wouldnt let my kids be around him. family or not. you put your kids at risk. Your kids should come first. It simple. keep them out of harms way, and im sorry but he very well could hurt them. I dont agree with your thinking but hey its your family. Just dont cry when he hurts them cause chances are he could. if it were my kids i would be saying nope no way they will EVER be around a sex offender. you hubby wants to see him fine but not with the kids around even if u are there. still a stupid move.

  4. I’m sorry but I really can’t believe what your saying.. doesn’t matter if visits are supervised or not how could u ever let your kids around a child predator??? You can’t rehabilitate that shit. Your brother should see his brother in his own terms if he wishes. I really beg you keep those kids away. Did you ever think too when they grow up and if they discover what he is and that your allowed them to be around him? If my parents did that I would never have forrgiven them. Ever think about what happened if u let them out of your sight for a second.. what if something happened? You have to really think of the what’s ifs… all the potential dangers. I’m very disturbed about this


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