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Mother of 4

To the Mother of 4 in Stony Plain Road-184st Walmart:

I have to stop and shake my head in awe of you and your lack of caring. You are a mother of 4 which I get can be tiring and wear on your last nerve. With that being said these kids you have chosen to bring into this world are exactly that your responsibility and as such you should be aware of your children.

To have your youngest child wonder off from you is one thing but to have your youngest child to wonder off out of out of Walmart and be wandering through the parking lot is another. Then my husband and I to find your youngest child and bring him back into Walmart for you to not even be concerned that he was missing from you and out in the parking lot and that a stranger has him is beyond me. Your only response was where is your candy.

Please please please if it is too much for you to handle having this many kids and responsibility then have the decency to turn them over to someone that might take the time to care when a child has wondered off. You are so lucky that I did not go off on you like I wanted to. That I did not follow you and grab your license plate number to report you as an unfit parent. Your lack of care and concern is appalling.




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  1. That’s why I never go to walmart I can’t handle being around such stupid people

  2. I’m a little sad about all the comments about the poster calling the police. This is why moms these days feel so isolated. Because one misstep has people running to the police rather than just sticking around to help. When I was raising my daughter I had a village, and it wasn’t that we were best friends, it was that we were fellow parents trying to just help each other out. Many times on trips to the park the neighbour would ask if I’d take her kids, of course, why not? Cause I wasn’t worried about being paid back or her suing me if her kid got hurt. I was going, so why not? And there were many times she would take my kid. We would leave our kids to sleep in the car while another mom would watch them so we could run into the store to grab some bread and milk, these days, it’s all about how you are a better mom because you whipped out the phone to call the police.
    No, the poster was not wrong for not making sure the mom was ok, it’s 2019 and in this age of offence, it probably would have been taken as a negative. But I will say
    you don’t have a clue what she was dealing with. You don’t know what stress she was under, what led to her being at that Walmart and having her child wander off. Sure, you’ve done it differently but you have no clue what’s going on in someone’s life. No clue. One of the ladies in my church cried her eyes out to me recently because people were coming down on her so hard because the day her husband died on the job site she completely blanked and didn’t pick the kids up from daycare. The daycare called her at closing time and immediately when she got her bearings she sent her sister to pick them up. Her husband had died. And he was young, killed in a workplace accident. I cannot imagine the fog she would have been in. Trauma and stress affect everyone in different ways and just because you deal with yours differently or you *think* you would doesn’t mean that everyone does. Please parents can we just recognize that the job is a tough one and judge less and help more?

  3. I am the OP. No this is not exaggerated. Yes I am a parent. This mother was not phased and did not look stressed. Even the siblings that were there were not phased. No matter how many times I put wonder, wander or wondering the fact still remains she did not seem to be worried. I am a parent to a 9 yr old. A child I spent teaching boundaries to, a child I taught you don’t stray far from the cart or your parents in such places. And you bet your ass I would be worried if she went astray. I was also a daycare worker and had to keep track of anywhere from 3-18 children at any given time. Also taught them boundaries. Sure it takes a village to raise a child however that village should not consist of a store or parking lot full of strangers. This tops the charts with using your vehicle as a babysitter. The sibling were between 7-11. So it’s beyond me how this 3yr old slipped so far away. Yes I could have called the police or child services and waited hours for them to respond. All they would do is hand the kid back to her. How do I know! I have seen it happen. Perhaps she could have asked someone to come with her to help out. Or dropped the kids at a friends place. Sent the kids on a play date when she decided to take on this errand. Perhaps unfit was the wrong term. Absent, oblivious, checked out, burnt out. There is no excuse. If myself and my husband had not found this child or not given a shit and just walked away god knows what would have happened to this 3 year old boy. For the mom to only worry about where is candy is sickening.

  4. The timing of your post is great.

    I was in a grocery store, in the meat department. There is obviously a problem with theft as a security guard/employee was standing there observing people.

    A little boy wandered by, confused, panicked. I immediately took his hand and headed for this guard.

    This guard told me lost children was not ‘why she was there’.

    I told her it might not be the reason she was there, but as a fkn human being, it was her moral obligation to use her radio to call someone in the store to protect this little boy until the parent was found. I asked her if she was more worried about someone walking off with a chicken leg than a LITTLE BOY. Whatta bich.

    The Freaking out Mother appeared out of the blue and the boy ran to her.

    The Guard just stayed where she was continueing to observe people.

    The ‘guard dog’ was reported to Customer Service. I’m not sure much was done.

    With all the theft, maybe the confusion and distraction of a lost child is yet another tactic thieves use. Who knows.

    Watch your kids ffs. Put them in a cart if you need to. Things can change in seconds.

  5. The other day I went to work. My youngest was home with his dad. I left work and went to the dayhome to pick him up. He wasn’t there…… Everyone thought it was funny but I was so embarrassed. If the Tables were turned and I forgot to pick him up I would be the worst mom in the world. Stress. There are alot of people out there that shouldn’t have kids and if the mother wasn’t hysterically looking for her kid and laughed about it than ya, she probably shouldn’t be parenting. Keep in mind though that even the best of parents can have an off day and screw up.

  6. Wow!!!! How does it feel to be the perfect parent??

  7. I had a woman ask me to watch her baby in the change room at O’Leary I thought ok maybe she forgot something but nope she had it planned either to leave the baby alone while she ran to her car to bring in a duffel bag n a shit load of toys or ask the next stranger who walked in to watch the baby

  8. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    It’s one thing to have a child wandering to another aisle, but to have little kid walking out of the store !?
    3 other children and none of them noticed … ?

  9. I’ve been a parent for 11 years now and I have 3 kids and I have never ever lost one of them out in public …. and if I did I would be frantically screaming and running around looking for them, every person in the store would be able to hear me!
    The fact this lady didn’t seem to be bothered is the alarming part

  10. Tara Everitt Tara Everitt says:

    Get over yourself OP. This could of been one bad day out of 100 good. It’s scary that it happens but stop calling her unfit. You don’t know their story. Stop shaming parents after one mistake you have seen.

  11. You have no idea what the mother is going through. Maybe she postpartum depression or depression, if you were so concerned, you could’ve asked her if she was okay and asked if she needed assistance. Being a decent human and caring for others is an easy task and we has a whole have to do a lot more of it, instead of judging.

  12. I can’t say I wouldn’t notice if any of my kids went missing and if they did I’d be in distress. However, lots of perfect parents in here and a lot of judgement. To the OP, thank you for getting the young child back inside safely. However, you clearly weren’t THAT concerned about an “unfit parent” as you did really nothing about it but shame her on here.

  13. To all those being judgemental about what the writer did and said- you are disgusting! This child could have easily been the next “amber alert”. The number of people who are being released from jail after being there for sexually based offenses against others (including children) is sickening!!! There are NO excuses for not noticing your child is missing and then not running all around the store frantically looking for that child. This mom is very lucky that you found and returned the child. Next time I worry what COULD happen.

  14. Sarah Ford Sarah Ford says:

    You probably should have reported that.
    Her lack of giving a crap is concerning. My son wandered once and he didn’t wander far and it was the longest 2 minutes of my life.
    He was beside me on the other side looking at the t-shirts.

  15. Did you ever think that maybe by allowing said child to walk off on their own that she was in fact allowing someone else to find and take care of them?

  16. I had four kids never did I ever loose track of any their safety as well as their well being was my priority and responsibility… And yes no one should let this happen and kudos to you for helping out this young child before something bad happen…

  17. Sheri Enger Sheri Enger says:

    Where can I get my nails done?

  18. I spy alot of shitty parent in this comment section. Wow.

  19. Mary McDerm Mary McDerm says:

    This is why I don’t shop at Walmart

  20. Wow. Do you have children? #judgemental

  21. Don’t be such a judgy pants. That poor woman was probably shaken to her core and mad as hell but trying to stay calm.

    Withhold your judgement – you have no idea what was happening when he took off. Little kids are FAST.


  22. I am glad that this child was saved. However, you should’ve asked the mom if she was ok and needed help. There are supports for people that are overwhelmed like Kids cottage. This mother obviously needs support. You have every right to feel frustrated, but what’s the solution.

  23. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    I cannot believe the mother did not know she was missing a child … no one can be so involved in shopping not to realize they are missing a child … I would have been out of my mind .. thanks to those that returned the child .. as they could have went into Walmart and had police dispatched ..

  24. She says to have a kid wander off is one thing, but to have it wander out into the parking lot and not even show concern is another. She says she understands that it can be exhausting having kids. She is writing this in response to the lack of care and concern.

    A kid ran out into a parking lot. What happens if that kid got hit by a car or kidnapped.. all of you bitching at the OP would be blaming the mother for not doing a better job. Let me say that again.. you would be blaming the -mother-. Both the mother and kid are lucky that the OP brought the kid back in safely and that cops didnt get involved. All of you would bitch if someone left their dog or kid locked in a car on a hot day, why aren’t you more concerned about the safety of a kid in a parking lot unsupervised. Both are preventable. And having a response of where is your candy, is no where near what needs to be the appropriate response for the severity this could have been

  25. Glenna Smart Glenna Smart says:

    Thanks for bringing the little one back to their mother. Thank gerd some creep didnt get the child first. We need to take care of one another. You never know what is going on in people’s lives..

  26. I wonder if the Walmart greeter checked the kids receipt

  27. For some parents, kids are just pay checks… especially around the 20th- the end of the month.
    I’ve seen this happen tons of times at that Walmart.

  28. Thank you for being the child’s village, their guardian angel of the day.
    It sounds as though the Mum is completely overwhelmed, exhausted and/or depressed. I’m sure I’d be taken aback and full of frustration had I been in your shoes.
    Just know that you did the right thing and hope that the Mum gets the help she needs.

  29. Leslie Ann Leslie Ann says:

    Wow OP. Instead of being a total bitch maybe lend a helping hand. Obviously you do NOT get it can being tiring. Telling the mother she’s unfit, and that you wanted to go off on her? Seriously? This is why so many of us mothers suffer in silence and feel like failures. It’s because of people like YOU that are just out in the world to tear others down.

    I hope some day when you need help at a crappy time no one helps you. A simple “are you ok?” Is all that is needed in this situation not a “you’re unfit and i wanted to tell you off!”

    There’s ways to help everday and not judge situations that you have no idea about.

  30. Wow…. I have 4 children between the ages of 10 and 14 months. And if one strays I get them back immediately. Some times my oldest has to run after my second youngest but that’s only if I’m slightly busy. But for the lady to not even care that her kid made it outside. Good lord! I would have been frantic and thanking for some stranger to bring my kid back to me.

  31. Sue Weir Sue Weir says:

    Wow! Every stinkin’ one of you has criticized the OP for being upset with the mother! And every one of you has compassion for the mother who lost a child that wandered outside of a store and into the parking lot!
    Would you have had the same compassion for this woman, had her child been hit by a car? Would you have blamed the OP for not returning the child fast enough? This problem, in its entirety is the fault of the mother!!! Don’t blame the OP for not reaching out and asking the mother if she needed help. If she can’t keep her children with her at all times, then she needs to figure out a way to either keep them at home with a babysitter, or keep them “strapped” to the shopping cart, or use a tether to keep them close. This mother is irresponsible and should be called out as such!
    I had four children (who have all grown and moved out). They were NEVER out of my line of sight. They were told to hold onto the shopping cart. If one tried to stray, they were immediately reigned in. I didn’t need to ask for the help of a stranger. NEVER! This “new way” of raising children continually blows my mind! Start taking accountability. You don’t need help from others, you need to take charge. You aren’t their friend, you’re their parent. You can be their friend when they’re adults!!!

  32. Shari Heiser Shari Heiser says:

    If you were that concerned you’d have done something instead of writing in to Shoutout Edmonton. This is so weak. In character, concern and empathy.

  33. I wonder if it was the same lady I seen walking around calling out ALEX , she didn’t seem to worried . But I don’t think I’d shame her . Im sure it’s a hard job being a mom

  34. Dale Moher Dale Moher says:

    How can you spell wandering but spell “wander”, “wonder”? I wonder if you wandered out on elementary english class. I bet those 4 kids know the difference.

  35. She sounds like she is mentally exhausted and checked out. Man , parenting is hard … I can’t imagine with four . The only thing I see here is that you want some kind of hero cookie …. some mama’s do the absolute best they can , You have no idea what a person goes through. So instead of coming in here and bitching , you could of asked her is she needed help !? That would of been more helpful than this post ….

  36. Oh geez! That’s not good and I know what it’s like when they wonder.
    Hope mom does adjustments to ensure everyone is safe, sound and secure so it’s easier for her.
    For all who read this and have harped on the parents who use the toddler leashes; this is exactly why!
    Yes I do use 1 and will continue to for my toddler. I don’t give a poop what anyone thinks or says, I would rather my daughter have 4ft of independence vs harmed by her running and being a toddler still learning!

  37. Bill Howatt Bill Howatt says:

    Dude, calm down. You said yourself that she had 4 kids. She could afford to have him wander off. She still had 3 more. It’s not like it was her last one or something. She’s probably lost others, that’s why she has so many.

  38. Jenn Knowles Jenn Knowles says:

    A caring compassionate conversation!!!! you had the time to write this, you would had time to maybe help her finish her shopping or pack her groceries into her car. You never know what another human is going through.. or facing. I think this post goes to show how quick people are to ‘call’ on a ‘bad parent’ without considering everything. Not trying to be the one to step in an help… I hope ones reading this, remover this when they see a mom (or father)struggling sometimes a strangers compassion can change someone’s day..

  39. Cassy L Cassy L says:

    MYOB unless your actually gonna help. I’m sure she was concerned/angry/apologetic… not every parents works themself into a tizzy over their kids. Have a good long weekend, enjoy your family time, and understanding not judgement goes a lot farther.

  40. If mom of four is reading this girl I can help you out with your kids give you an extra hand and a break from time to time

  41. You should have asked her f
    If she needed help it’s people like you who cause families to be ripped apart
    Lend a helping hand instead of calling on her what’s wrong with you people these days have no heart and compassion

  42. Or you couldve asked her if she needed help. Instead of assuming she is an unfit mother she may be dealing with a struggle you know nothing about. Empathy and compassion go a long way. I’m a mother of one and some days I struggle let alone four! Also, where is this kid drop off location you speak of ..asking for a friend.

  43. Why didn’t you go off on her and follow her and report her for being an unfit parent?? I mean, I’m not one for getting involved in other people’s lives and if I see “bad parents” doing “bad things” in terms of discipline or action, i usually just chalk it up to they’re having a bad day… but in this instance… you should have reported this person. To not have them even care that their kid wandered off is a pretty big red flag.

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