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Hi everyone, just looking for some opinions. I went to the coin store MRCS Canada, nice owners and everything. But I was wondering about all the animals? they have 3 big dogs and 4 cats. I got bit really badly last time I was there by one cat. It was nice, walking in front of my face on the counter and rubbing against my arm, so I pet it. it stayed there I think it liked it, then it got irritated I guess, it turned it’s head and latched on to my hand with it’s teeth, until it’s head started shaking it was biting so hard.

I pulled away, my hand was bleeding. I didn’t want to say anything because I thought it maybe was my fault for even touching it. After a while I asked if the dogs are friendly. They said they should be, but one of them might growel at me. Kinda scared me off.



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  1. Been going to this coin store for 6 years now. I think the rule of thumb is to ask before petting. These animals ARE friendly and haven’t affected me or any of the people that I have brought with me there or who also frequent that establishment. I’m not sure exactly what you’re seeking from your post. But if it’s can you do anything about this, the answer is probably no. I deal with 100+ businesses and owners monthly. Lots have pets. Dogs, rabbits, cats, bearded dragons, fish etc. The general rule of thumb is to ask first as most are therapy or security related pets.

    My point is, your issue posted isn’t about the service of the establishment. I think it would’ve been best to communicate with the owners directly.

    • Ive been there a few times too, owners always told me I can pet the cats that they’re friendly, but i never did because I was always nervous, never mind the dogs lol. Obviously from the post the cats aren’t too friendly after all, Im glad i stayed away, I’m always nervous there around all those animals. I mean 1 dog or cat fine, but this place is like a small pet store. My daughters would love it. Then again not too sure about those animals.

  2. What is the question?

    Also I did not notice this place before despite how close it is to my house.

  3. That’s a huge liability, and you could technically sue them. Cat bites can be brutal and cause bad infections. If one of the animals bit you then you should absolutely have said something then and there about it, otherwise it’s hard to prove the bite came from there later. Friendly or not, if someone has an allergy that can still cause a health risk, and there should be some general awareness around this. If there’s a rule about petting, this should be very clear to every person who walks into the facility, because not everyone knows about animal behavior. Also, the owners should be well aware of the animal’s behavior. “Should be” friendly is a red flag that they don’t know their animal.

    Keep a close eye on that bite and if it doesn’t improve get antibiotics asap.

  4. The matter of fact is if you have pets and they tend to be aggressive keep them away from customers. People assume they are friendly if they are aloud to roam free. Thats just irresponsible on the owners part.

  5. Lmao @ bit really badly by a cat!


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