Too much info on-line; need real life recommendations

Looking for real life at home workout / diet advice.

Would like to lose about 15lbs in next 30 days but want to maximize my results with a workout / diet routine. Have heard of hiit training but so much info on-line it’s overwhelming.

Tell me what you have done that has worked for you. Please no gimmicks. I have some free weights and elliptical at home. And I’m at beginner level. Thanks!



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  1. 15 in 30… Depending on what your current situation is that can be, and probably is, very unhealthy to do. You should focus on being healthy first and go from there. Changes like sleep, water, nutrition and exercise can all lead to good results but I wouldn’t spend money on gimmicks like pills or tea with too many promises.

  2. A realistic and safety amount is 1-2 lbs a week. So even if you pushed it on the short term that means 8 lbs. You might pull off 12 but that’s going to be pushing it.

  3. Please understand I am not judging. But I have been there and lost a ton of weight. Even doing it the safe way I had repercussions such as hair loss.

  4. I’m no expert by any means, but from personal experience….90% of weight loss is diet related. Lay off the sugar, drink lots of water and eat healthy fats, smaller portions and 6 smaller meals vs breakfast lunch and dinner.
    I’m trying to lose weight for my wedding in May and changing how I eat has made a drastic improvement. Personally, I’ve used Body Boss and it’s intense, and really hard but I’ve gotten stronger and better at everything and I can do it from home. Pilates and yoga are good for your core, walking or jogging helps too.

    15lbs in 30 days is not impossible but it’d be damn tough. You should aim for 2lbs per week, but personally, I’d focus on inches lost in your waist, hips and chest versus lbs lost because as a woman, PMS or hormone changes can bring your weight up when you’re doing everything right.
    I managed to lose 10lbs in about 40 days…but it all started with the diet.

    Don’t waste money on quick fix diet pills or anything like that. So bad for your health.

    Good luck, I hope that helps

  5. Intermittent fasting. I lost 10 lbs in a week. It’s difficult because you need to make sure you’re eating properly, but once you get the hang of it you can have some great success.

  6. The Beachbody online workouts are diverse and great – and if you follow their meal plans too I’m sure you’d have success

  7. Adele Hammer Adele Hammer says:

    Pm me. I am on a weight loss journey myself and doing elliptical/“dieting” at home on my own

  8. Keto life style change

  9. I hired a trainer. She does personal online training as well working with what you have all ready. She will also help you focus on nutrition that works for you. Pm if you want her info

  10. Erin Julien Erin Julien says:

    No processed foods, drink only water and tea, try to aim for lean proteins- chicken, turkey, fish- , green vegetables and if you eat carbs, stick to things like small servings of oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice. Eat small meals more frequently. I’ve done P90X, insanity, 21 day fix extreme- 21 day fix extreme was my favourite so far but really any kind of HIIT program would work well 20-30 minute workout and a good brisk walk each day. Good luck!

  11. Erin Julien Erin Julien says:

    Yes! A program where you actually get to eat lots! Love beachbody!

  12. Amanda Nic Amanda Nic says:

    30 day challenge

  13. I am just starting Beachbody.

  14. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    There’s no secret to losing weight. It’s in the net calories you take in. Take in less calories than your body burns in a day – consistently – then you will lose
    weight. No there is no secret workout or supplements to take to get around this principle. Anyone who tells you otherwise is likely just a salesperson.

    Workouts just increase calorie consumption, so if you still overeat, then you’re still not going to lose weight. 90% of the game is in how you eat. May I recommend the app MyFitnessPal.

    15lbs in 30 days means 1/2 lbs a day; 1250 calories a day you have to undereat by. It’s on the painful side but doable if you stick to it.

  15. Take a look at Whole30…you can get the book at Costco. I start tomorrow and can’t wait!

  16. Reduce the amount of food you intake. Eat high nutritious and food in smaller portions. Exercise.
    The lbs should come off quick.

  17. BounciN BLitz Fitness Studio – HIIT cardio on trampolines – I don’t want to do cardio that isn’t fun and I love this! First jump is free


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