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Has anyone out there tried or experimented with magic mushrooms to treat depression or anxiety?

There is a lot of new literature coming out about its use in very small doses but I like to hear about first hand experiences as well.

I’ve never used it recreationally. Currently I take CBD oil and other medications to help but I am always looking for new things to help.

Any input would be appreciated.



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  1. Lots of people on here are describing taking them and getting high. The amount used to treat anxiety and depression is a low dose that would not get you high. It’s called micro dosing. There is a huge difference between a micro dose to treat an ailment and a dose big enough to get high on. I’ve heard incredible things about micro dosing. Helps to treat a wide range of ailments including anxiety and depression, menopause, chronic pain and more.

  2. Going on road trip to bc I’ll let u no!!

  3. Bwian Klynes Bwian Klynes says:

    As someone with depression and an occasional user. I would say it doesn’t help me

  4. Twylla Beer Twylla Beer says:

    My son uses them every 3 weeks help is anxiety and depression works like a charm.

  5. Jeremy Dines Jeremy Dines says:

    I’ve eaten a lot of shrooms, and not counting times I took other shit with it, I never had a bad experience.

  6. Amanda Kuhn Amanda Kuhn says:

    They won’t work as well if your already on antidepressants, from what I have read antidepressants make the reaction less than someone who is not on them. That being said I have heard that many people microdosing have positive results

  7. Please keep in mind that the scientific Studies have been focused on microdosing and not on ingesting quantities that one typically would for recreational uses

  8. I’ve used them for existential anxiety of chronic illness & depression. The trips were bad due to stress & I hated them but afterwards life got less scary. You don’t have to keep dosing if that’s what you’re looking for

  9. Micro dosing is good for it. I used to like getting fuckdd up on them & going on adventures. Definitely made my depression back off for a bit after.

  10. Yup! My girlfriend absolutely recommends it to anyone with depression. Changed her whole world.

  11. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    Get into a dr and ask your questions..everyone is different and different things work. Try weed(stavia)

  12. Levi Crane Levi Crane says:

    Well this is a good way of collecting information……….

  13. Doug James Doug James says:

    I LOVE ME SOME SHROOMS!!! that point when you yawn and it kicks in

  14. Chris Cooke Chris Cooke says:

    Oh it fixs depression

  15. Lina Elliott Lina Elliott says:

    Perhaps with micro dosing it would be different but just consuming them in my experience it made both my anxiety and depression worse.
    The more depressed I was before ingesting the worse it was

  16. My question is where could I get some in Edmonton

  17. I’ve tried it just for fun and coming down on them is not fun. I find my depression is greater when i come down off of them.

  18. I know two people who use them for depression and it works wonders for them. They both have been on multiple medications and had side effects so were forced to find an alternative. One of them only take a micro dose every two weeks and it works well. The other take a micro dose every two days. If you are going to do it on your own I would recommend starting small and working your way up.

  19. It works, better than any pharmaceutical. Also helps with cluster headaches and migraines

  20. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Doesn’t hurt to try it.

    I’ve only had a few experiences. All good times! And it does help. Maybe not forever as the person above says…but certainly has done me some good

  21. I have done some research of micro dosing of psilocybin but from my understanding (and I have read several studies) there is no real long term benefit unless you are to dose daily and even then, doses would have to be gradually increased to maintain the feeling. Also the difference in potency and availability would make it hard to regulate any type of dose. I, personally, would not try it given it seems ineffective in the long term. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I could however point you to the information I have read if you would like, feel free to message me.

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