My Cat Ray is Missing from the Mayfield Area

Grrr. Well if anybody happens to live in or near the Mayfield area, please keep an eye out for my best buddy. Comes to his name Ray. Friendly bugger so hopefully he’s found his way into someones warm home.

Duked me out coming in from the garage last night. Thought I saw him swoop in the door, but he must have hid under the step.

He’s been stuck inside since we moved in here in December so he was itching to get out on his own. He’s tattooed in the right ear but I can’t remember the numbers.




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  1. Ashley Self Ashley Self says:

    OUR BOY IS HOME!! I found him a few blocks from out house. Our family thanks everyone who has helped and shared our posts!! THANK YOU ALL so much!! ❤

  2. Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

    Hope he’s home by now. Shared

  3. Shared on Edmonton lost pets

  4. Hope this has nothing to do with your lost cat.

  5. You might want to supply some contact info if he is found? A way to contact you?

  6. Jenny Galka Jenny Galka says:

    Not to alarm you and i hope it wasn’t yours but i did see an orange tabby by 95th ave and 149th street this morning that was run over.

  7. Jenny Galka Jenny Galka says:

    But i will lookout in our area as I’m close to mayfield.

  8. My cat did the same thing yesterday morning. Hope mine comes home. 96 street 114 Ave area still hasn’t come home.


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