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Hi there
Can I get a shout to to the guy in the photo he pulled my minivan out of a ditch yesterday I never got his name . You are the best .



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  1. I wonder what would happen if a guy posted this comment?

  2. My truck was pulled out in the spring on 16A by a kind stranger. It’s nice to see people helping one another!

  3. Here’s to hoping he sees this and sees your thank you.

  4. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    And while pulling you out without proper equipment training or warning devices he put you and your family and him at major risk!
    Sure he got away with it this time. One day it is going to get someone killed! Not only is it DANGEROUS it is illegal to use a regular pickup without the proper emergency warning equipment or insurance to pull someone out on a highway.
    Further more if the good samaritan does damages to your vehicle while yanking like a mad man on the end of a strap, who is paying those costly damages? NOT his insurance! Cause he is NOT insured for such things. So instead of risking severe damages or a life call a professional.
    We have the equipment, training, AND INSURANCE for recoveries.
    Fyi it can easily cost over 1500 for 1 oops by grabbing the wrong part of a vehicle and yanking on it!
    Just food for thought.
    Oh and to those that are “highway heroes” yanking people out of ditches with your trucks WITHOUT insurance to do so, be warned that if you get hit doing such your insurance company will void your insurance for knowingly putting your truck in a hazardous situation. You will therefore be on the hook for any and ALL damages and medical costs!
    Let the professionals do their jobs. That is what we pay $10,000/year or more for insurance per truck for. That is why we spend countless hours in class and on the job training. That is why we have $100,000+ trucks FULLY equipped for such jobs.

    • Kerrie Yates Kerrie Yates says:

      Purdy Travis why do you always have to be so grumpy Lol?

    • Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

      Kerrie Yates I am not. I am pointing out facts. Just some people don’t like the truth.

    • Kerrie Yates Kerrie Yates says:

      Purdy Travis nah honey. You’re grumpy a lot lately Lol. Have a Snickers. ❤

    • Purdy Travis yes and while there is that risk of damage and this and that and the next thing outside of the usual exuberant cost of using a certified tow truck that some of us just cant afford … some of us don’t want to risk being stuck in a ditch for hours upon hours & hours waiting for one of the many tow trucks that are already severely busy on super shitty days as well as further endangering our lives and anyone else in our vehicles with the potential of other drivers flying off the road at the same spot or what if said vehicle is without heat and it’s -30/-40 with kids or elderly etc in the vehicle and the list goes on as to why we would accept such a nice gesture from another human being .. most of know and accept the risks of helping and accepting help .. sometimes it’s a risk both sides take knowingly

    • Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

      Kayla Marie Kupser yes I am a tow operator. And yes this upsets me that these do gooders are risking lives doing this without the proper equipment and insurance.
      Julia Richard most if not all respectable companies put non running vehicles to the top of the list for situations like you speak of.
      Those exuberant costs you speak of….an average of 100 bucks typically, sure ok that’s exuberant for a $150,000 truck, $7,000 worth of emergency lighting, $3,000 worth of chains and straps winch cables and other necessities, $10,000/year in insurance per truck, $3,000 for registration per truck, drivers wages, and average of $5,000 per truck per year in tires, $5,000 per truck per year in maintenance on truck. But that $100 or maybe at most $150 is exuberant!
      It may seem like a lot until you add it all up!
      And if you can’t afford it then pay the 90 a year for AMA or Canadian Tire roadside and you get 5 such calls a year completely covered.
      Or risk some Yahoo with a truck getting some one killed or doing thousands of dollars damage to your vehicle with ZERO chance of him paying a dime to fit it.
      That $150 ain’t so bad considering 1 control arm being bent can be $1500 minimum to repair AND a tow to a repair facility.

    • Purdy Travis im not in any way shape or form saying that tow trucks aren’t valuable or that they aren’t the safest way to go but sometimes , just sometimes that extra is just more than a lot of people have extra in their budget . As far as non running vehicles being at the top of the list goes … how about a running vehicle that isn’t at the top of the list and gets plowed over by another vehicle hitting the same shitty spot .. and potentially killing or seriously injuring all inside ?

    • Sometimes not being at the top of the list and waiting for a tow truck increases the risk of people getting killed as well . No one is saying ur point isn’t valid but don’t go all haywire on some dude that did put his life on the line and just tried to help someone in need

    • And furthermore some companies charge much more than that especially if there is any significant distance to be factored in

    • Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

      Julia Richard it’s not his life I am worried about. It is the poor unsuspecting motorist that plows into is unmarked unequipped truck because they had no warning he was there.
      That 30 car pile up on the yellowhead the other day……ya a 4×4 hero pulling someone out. No advanced warning of any kind and BAM 30 VEHICLES PILED INTO EACH OTHER. Guess who was at fault and is on the hook for ALL of it. The 4×4 hero. That is my last comment on the subject.

    • I have to comment on this.. I put a very expensive suv off the road one winter.. waited for the “right methods” to have it removed by calling ama.. it was one of the worst storms I have ever seen in alberta so the wait and people off the road was long. So they told me if possible to leave the suv and get a ride and they would take it to my work. I decided to take some pictures since it was a company vechile, left it and continued to work.
      4 hours later, they come with the suv to drop it off and the young tow truck driver caused more damage to this vehicle then you would ever picture getting it out. Ripped the side mirror off the front grill, bent 2 rims and the list goes on and on.. when in the parking lot with the suv he takes the parts of the suv and throws them on the hood destroying that as well.. I came out in the process and he said “this shit happens sometimes” well we fought with insurance and these amazing so called professionals wouldnt pick up the phone at the shop for months on end we had to finally just to cut our losses and take care of it through the companies insurance. Either way there is a risk, but not all “professionals” know what they are doing..

    • You really do need a Snickers dude. He helped someone out. So what? Why does it you you so riled up?

    • Megan Ann Fraser my one time having a tow was similar to this. my car just stopped running had to tow it home the guy didnt attach his equipment right (that they are trained so well on lol) one of the attachments hit a bump and drove right up into my wheel well. took months and months of calling to finally have it fixed and they tried to blame me for it.

    • Purdy Travis which tow truck company do you work for ?

    • Last time I called a “professional” to winch me out of anywhere i was stuck, he got stuck too. I ended up paying for 2 trucks for 3 hours.

      I’d rather have a stranger hook up to me and just fuckin giver bud

    • 100%of the time I inform whom I’m about to pull out of the ditch the possibilities of damage and they’re answer is usually yeah tow truck said 3 to 5 and my kids are freezing can you please help us . I have the chains ,straps ,clevises come alongs, and winch and Safety pylons with little flashing lights . I do alot of travelling year round in all bad weather conditions and any long trip I take my road side safety box for helping people out of ditches is in my Unmarked Truck . But like I said I help out countless families and fully explain what and how i can hook up to best of my knowledge .. not all people are unprepared Purdy Travis I understand you have a towing company business and I thank you for your duties .

    • person driving into a parked vehicle will be found at fault , would they not ?

    • Purdy Travis omg go get a blow job or something buddy.

    • well aren’t you just a debbi Downer. Cranky or what!

  5. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    awesome post!…good looking young man.

  6. How you take his pic without askin his name lol

  7. Xavier Paddy Xavier Paddy says:

    Maybe you’ll find him on tinder lol

  8. Josh Regnier Josh Regnier says:

    This isn’t Tinder or Grindr. Nice try.

  9. Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

    I was pulled out of the ditch last winter by a couple guys who stopped to help without even asking. I truly believe there are more good people out there than we are led to believe.

    • Scott Gill I believe there are too. We are so inundated with the negative it leads us to believe the world had gone to hell…..when in reality the majority of people are inherently good people…

      Happy new year!!

  10. Has time to take a pic but not ask his name lol

    Glad he could help ya!

  11. Grab a phone number too, lol. #handsome

  12. Shay Renay Shay Renay says:

    Need more posts like this!❤

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