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My wife hit perimenopause

My wife has been getting upset with me very easily lately. There are a million reasons I am reasonably responsible for her mood swings being a man sometimes doing or saying in appropriate things but lately, looking in her eyes, I see murderous rage. I am afraid for my life.

Things often cool down in a day or so and we get along ok until the next event. I started reading up on perimenopause and she has all the symptoms. We keep the room freezing or she’s dying at night. Weight gain and nightmarish dieting with that whole chestnut is not helping. Then there is when I know she’s mad and I look into her eyes to see how bad and I’ve never seen anyone look with so much hate and disgust. This is my wife? I am seriously considering leaving her and her two adult children for my own selfish need to feel relatively safe while I sleep. May god help her and whoever ticks her off in the future.

A scared frown man



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  1. Scared for his life says:

    Me too

  2. Online Helper says:

    You missed the class, Successful Relationships 101.
    It’s too late to help you now but if you still have some youth, hair, muscle and get out of that relationship then uses this golden rule for next relationship.

    Never date white and jewish women.

  3. A fellow female. says:

    Sounds a bit over dramatic on your part. Try actually talking to her first and seeing if there’s anything you can do to assist her, rather than coming on here to blast her without her knowledge, & probably with little to no clue what perimenopause Is or how it affects women. You are not a doctor. Effective Communication skills are something 98% of men sorely lack. This post, should she ever see it, will surely piss her off more. Good one.

    • Anonymous says:

      She needs to see a Dr or clinic that can help her with her hormonal imbalance. She will need some kind of medication to get through this. It would be very sad to lose a relationship based on this issue