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Narcissistic Ex

I own my home and my ex common law who I happen to believe is a Narcissist refuses to move out. Her name is not on the property title, the down payment was all my money, and she hasn’t paid very much over the years to help with bills, etc. despite years of me begging her to pay her share.

Now that I have listed the house she is trying to sabotage the sale by damaging appliances and such. The police said they can’t do anything, and the lawyer I spoke to said the courts don’t take into account things like abusive and sociopathic Personality traits anyhow.

Can anyone tell me how I can get rid Of this Narcissistic woman before she totally destroys my finances? By the way she also stole my credit card and ran up $10,000 in debt and the police said they can’t do anything about that either.



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  1. WhiteTrashFemalesStink says:

    When dealing with female psychopaths and sociopaths the best thing to do is reject them and get them permanently out of your life as soon as possible. You need to be assertive until she is no longer in your life; protect yourself and your property, that means you DO NOT trust that individual whatsoever. The female psychopath or sociopath will even love bomb you to draw you back in so they can continue to manipulate and destroy your life. Put your finances in fort Knox and kick the trash to the curb. Move on with your life and take precautions so you can not be found in the future.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Change locks, email her the new location of her belongings, and where she can get information to access her belongings. (storage locker). take her off any credit cards, like the ten grand one. setup a small claims case for max amount for damages to your home and belongings. , no sex, no kissy facey stuff. be prepared for her to claim some support, etc for her contributions, however small. if you have any money HIDE IT. do this quickly quietly with a mover and claim the cost against her.

    • Hard Knocks says:

      Ya, that won’t work. OP says they’ve lived together for “years” and you know it wasn’t roommates with separate beds. In other words, he’s about to payout a good chunk of his money because he chose to play house with some bar skank. The lesson is don’t have a pretend wife. I know someone who paid out half the sale of the home proceeds to one and that’s a tough lesson.

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