Nasty place

Well they handed me a gas mask on move in day and said only one person must enter due to a just in case spray. And it was already 3 pm wasn’t allowed in TIL 8 pm umm I had no time to set up my bed no nothing. They showed me a suite like mine upon signing the lease!!! And assured me mine would have fresh paint and carpet. Get there and it smelt of piss. And the carpets were so old they were matted and paint and bleach stains. They entered my unit for repairs 63 times got papers for proof and I found black mould under each sink the stove and fridge both stopped working and they brought me used ones from a dissertation unit well guess what the next day I had cockroaches all over my kitchen coming out the back of the fridge. And that was the beginning of a gong show they made me deal with it for 2 weeks before hey would replace themm after lieing to me saying they have a new one and then they don’t so I have to wait. Get it and it’s used again. The repair men just don’t know how to fix nothing they moved the fridge and plug it in right away hahaha didn’t let the gases settle and the fridge sounded like it wanted to take off threw the roof. I was so sick of it they made me live with mould for 2 months while counter were being ordered and then they only replaced on sink and left a mouldy one in the kitchen on the new counters. Counter people ruined our dishwasher and damaged our walls and floors and stove. Then after 4 months I requested a transfer as I didn’t sign up for bugs at all!!!! We move and the new place nothing is replaced and they had a moth to repair the walls were so yellow from smoke I sprayed them and it ran as dark as coke pop the whole unit was smoke and rugs and nothing had bbeen clean they painted the cupboards and that’s it but over food and hair and all that fun stuff. I cleaned my 1 bedroom unit for a weeeek the toilet was cracked and they tried to seal it with silicone it didn’t fly with me. Also it was so dirty I wouldn’t let anyone in this place to visit I was embarrassed and so disgusted with board walk and I wanted to give hem. Bill I left our old unit so clean I was so pissed I wanted to trash it for them. I didn’t and they tried to tell me the floors were gross ummm I rented a professional steamer and went to town just like I did on move it to this dump they don’t do fuck all people my carpets are probably 15 years old I had to take them with a dog brush to clean them and steam for 3 days on and off needless to say doooooo not rent for these blood suckers huge scam there are not insetives I would never pay 1200 for this dump like they claim is the original price on sale for 800 plus free cable umm this place is worth maybe 750 and that pays your cable huge scam and they rent to downtown junkies with bugs don’t do it you will regret it for a year until your lease is over I know I am I listen to workers spit and laugh at 7 am like really I wanna hear you horsing luggies all over while I’m eating. This place is far from clean quite or friendly !!!! I litterly could have my day in court with them and they effing know it



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  1. Give me a shout Mike at Tenant Defence Services Inc. I can probably help you out. 587.520.0263 or


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