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Need a good hairdresser

Need a good hairdresser in west end. I love to do fun colours and I enjoy someone friendly, social, who will make suggestions. I seem to find a lot that do blondes but not really reds or similar.

Budget is limited but I am looking to pay fair (around $150 or so for cut, color and foils).
Preference to someone who can accomodate school age children once in a while as my girls sometimes like fun cuts.

I have health and mobility issues so I had judgements when I asked if I can take 2 minutes to move. I need sometimes to be able to get up, and sit down again which is a max 2 min thing. My last person posted my info on facebook saying handicapped people shouldn’t need to worry about looks. I decided I don’t want to pay for these opinions. She also gave me a cut/color that looks terrible. She mentioned she had an idea for a longer front but after I washed it, 99% of color came out (now it looks blotchy) and the hair is weird uneven (back is over 3 inches shorter). I can’t afford to spend much to fix it myself. And she won’t return calls.

I don’t want a mobile stylist as my bathroom is handicap suited so it does not fit another person. I tried that and it didn’t work.



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  1. Kinetic at Terra Losa ask for Jaclyn

  2. Evolution – bonnie doon mall. Therisa (or anyone there actually lol). Amazing group of ladies.

  3. Lisa O Lisa O'Neill says:

    Amber Stevens is in the west end I believe!

  4. Tanya Greene Tanya Greene says:

    Metropolitan Rockabilly Hair Design

    Victoria is an amazing, kind, and very talented stylist. She’s more north than west though.

  5. Heather at HS Hair Rapture is wonderful! I was red for quite awhile and the roots literally grew out before the color faded. Also she takes into mind the condition of your hair when switching colors. She won’t do it if it’s going to hurt your hair.

  6. I highly recommend Jess at Shadified on Parsons. It might not work for you, but she does mine and my boy’s hair. She loves colour, is an amazing barber, but also does great cuts.

  7. Keri west JP. In home much cheaper. Pm me

  8. Shear Elegance Hair Design!!!

  9. Not exactly west, but on the cusp of downtown. Try Danny at Hair Garage. A block or so behind Red Robin on 104 St.

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