Need an electrician?

On October 13, I contacted Professional Electric as we were having some electrical problems at our house. They guarateed me that someone would be there that day and would gave me a ball park time, but said they would give me a heads up when the electrician was on his way.

True to their word, at 2:00 I got a call that he was just leaving the previous job and would arrive in about 30 minutes. His name was Raj…and he was right on time.

He asked what the problem was and I explained it to him. He started by going outside and checking all the wiring coming to the house, then downstairs to the fuse box. Within 20 minutes, he had found the problem. Explained everything to me….what the problem was, the cause, how it would be fixed, how much it would cost. He explained everything he was doing throughout the repairs. I was very impressed with the company and with him and his work. I would not think twice about calling them again if needed and will recommend them to everyone I know.

And before anyone comments about “why didn’t you rave about him to the company?”……I did! I let them know how impressed I was with him and with them


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  1. Shaun Garn Shaun Garn says:

    If anyone needs a professional electrician contact Daron Borys at . He did my house. Excellent customer service.

  2. Marie says:

    Nice informative post.

  3. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    I need a good electrician, thanks for the post! I have hired a few contractors recently who ended up sending either unqualified immigrants (billing me at journeyman rates per person) or qualified tradesmen just dabbling in other fields for extra work!!! Sooo frustrating!!

  4. Raj rewired my entire house bac in March!! Great job!!! He is definitely a professional…. as you said… explained everything!! Nice for a change not to be ripped off.

  5. Love seeing reviews like this! ❤️

  6. Renato Ajoc Renato Ajoc says:

    Do they also install electrical on basement?

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