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Need encouragement and advise

Warning Long post!

I am in my mid 30’s with 3 kids (2 schoolers & a toddler) Right now we are on one income, my husband takes home 2100 bi weekly, which goes to the following:

*Monthly Expenses*
Rent – 1,350
Car loan – 400
Student loans – 400 (myself and my husband)
Credit Card – 300 (still paying off due to those emergency events and emergency trips we had to take, its hard when your family is living in another country)
Utilities – 250
Food & groceries – 1000 (5 people)
Gas – 250
2 Cellphones – 120
Savings – 200

I wrote the expenses this way (with estimate) as we also have insurance (life,death, accidental, rental, car) and some of the kids needs. We also reuse old clothes even my youngest rarely have anything new she uses most of her brothers clothes, if we buy her dresses or girl clothes they are either bought off kijiji or on clearance! My boys sometimes need We also try to put them into after school activities.

We can’t seem to save up for a downpayment for a house, or have savings to pay off our loans because there’s always these big emergencies we have had to deal with the last 10 years.

It has also been a rough 8 yrs because I have been in and out of jobs, the companies I work for either closed down, downsized my the last one my contract ended. I can’t seem to find a stable good paying job.

I apply everyday (it’s been 6 months) no calls nothing, I changed/updated my resume’ 10 times, I prefer to stay in my field of work which I went to school for.

We rarely eat out, maybe once a month, I use coupons, i make sure to spend wisely and keep track of these expenses in a spreadsheet, but the same thing is happening over and over!

Right now I have a side job from home making baked goods and its doing okay. It helps a little with the kids needs and a little bit for our living expenses. I save some for myself too, around $100 every once in a while cause Mom’s also need time for themselves and a little bit of money put aside.

Please I need some advise whatelse can I/we do, what are we doing wrong? All these expenses stress me out and it’s getting hard to sleep at night, hence why I am writing this at 3am. Any more advise for someone in their mid 30’s who feels they don’t have their life together?!? There’s always something, it’s just never ending 😞



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