Need help in finding a person

I hope to get some help finding someone.

I was at a trade show to pick up my friend. We stopped at an Avon table. The lady Svetlana (last name is Baiadak or Badiak…something like that) was so helpful and gave my friend amazing advice plus helped her choose items not what costs more but what is a better choice. She was a true gem!

I mentioned I could not afford things because my kids had flus and I took time off to be home. So now catching up on lots of bills. Plus bad cold myself.

Next day she dropped off a bag of soups, crackers, and some small things. Which was unexpected. She did not know me but left it at my friend’s door because she gave her address for delivery of items.
She also left a nice small perfume for me and 2 lip balms for my daughters.

This is unexpected in today’s world. I want to say thank you but we don’t know her last name. She is on facebook and an active seller. She said she offers delivery anywhere in edmonton so maybe someone knows her.


I just remember Avon table and name Svetlana.
Please let me know if you think you know who it may be. Amazing service and someone who seems like a great person!



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  1. Anne Thalen Anne Thalen says:

    This made my heart warm. What a wonderful lady. I hope you all feel better as well.

  2. Ginny Wiebe Ginny Wiebe says:

    Looks like she was just tagged in/commented on another post re: Avon recently:

  3. Go here and create an account and you can search for her by name on the Avon site

  4. Barb Haekel Barb Haekel says:

    aweee. bless her soul and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. she has been notified that she is being reached out to, we just got to wait for her to see it.

  6. Ycel Caya Ycel Caya says:

    Svetlana Baidak

  7. Thank you. I just was told by someone about this post. Due to a flu, I haven’t really been online today. I truly appreciate the kind words.


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