Need New Family

When you are surrounded by a group of people who mind boggle you with Gossip, jealous and hate. Isn’t a family suppose to be supportive and nurturing to one another? Not mine.

The inlaws (sister, brother, mother) are the trouble makers. Flapping mouths, gossip hillbillies, no life vultures.

If your family or extended family is normal, I’m jealous, mine is a far cry from sane..So glad to be rid of them.

Moving away perhaps, find someone else to adopt me.



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  1. I totally getcha! I walked away from my family about 4 years ago. It was hard at first…but took one holiday to figure out that I didn’t have to answer to , try to please or deal with family bs. You can’t pick your family….but you can pick your friends to be the family you need. And yes, there’s 2 sides to every story. I can admit to the things I did and said wrong, but when the other parties can’t is where the problem is. And when the situation isn’t healthy, it’s better just to walk away and make your own way in life.

  2. So needed this! Go figure. My sister had a bday and invites my oldest son out to a paint nite with her, my mom and some of her friends. I was not invited. Not like I cared much to go out with her and her friends on her night but it was the principal.
    Our relationship has been very distant and recently became very toxic when she had called me some nasty names one in particular the C word and right then and there I was disgusted and said “nope” not having this. It’s disgusting, its immature, it’s bullying. I blocked her number. I decided for my daughters bday to not do a big birthday arty rather than just had my two best friends over with their kids. Had fun, kids played and moms had wine. Now, because I didn’t invite her into my home after her outbreak towards me, I’m being ridiculed on her Facebook for not inviting her to my daughters “birthday”.
    Sometimes we just need to do what’s best for us, our homes and family
    Functions to keep things non stressful. And we need not to feel guilty about it.

  3. U can join my family..the more the merrier

  4. It took me a while to learn, but nowhere in the vows does it state you must get along with your in-laws. it’s nice if you do, which I do on one side, but the other…not so much. I married my husband as a man and for him. Not his family, nor him for mine. The family we have now consists of him,myself and our son. If anyone outside of that wants to take part, great, if not…I’m not trying to please in laws.

  5. Evan Marcoff Evan Marcoff says:

    Most people and families are shit. Good luck.

  6. Susan Csapo Susan Csapo says:

    Lol can’t pick family sadly..

  7. I dropped my family cuz they labelled me the “black sheep”. It was hard at first but I’m so happy to not have to deal with the hate and ignorance from them anymore. Nobody needs to have that kind of toxicity in their life.

  8. Chris Young Chris Young says:

    Be glad you have a family at all. I got abandoned 27 years ago and it’s Hard to survive without a family so count your blessings and shut your mouth.

  9. My husband and I moved here years ago because we knew we needed to be away from family to raise our kids and we were right! Do what you need to do! And we knew nobody here and now our little family is great!!

  10. The Norm nowadays is for You to look after youself or immediate children. I see that happening everywhere. Family values and beliefs are history!! Move and and think of yourself only! Sounds selfish but only way to survive…..

  11. There is no normal, perfect family. All are dysfunctional to an extent. Once you accept that, you will be in a better place.

  12. “Gossip, jealousy and hate”

    “the trouble makers. Flapping mouths, gossip hillbillies, no life vultures.”

    “So glad to be rid of them.”

    With vitriol, hateful, commenting like this, I highly doubt you’re an innocent bystander in all of this, as you hide behind an anonymous post.
    It would interesting to know what your spouse thinks.

  13. My family is the same!! Only there for you when you don’t fuckin need it grrrrr

  14. What is normal? What seems to be normal to me and my family seems odd to my spouse and his family

  15. Tam L Dack Tam L Dack says:

    sometimes family is the worst.

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