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Looking for recommendations on a lawyer for a civil matter. Long story short we sold a semi and trailer, funds were deposited into our account but held by the bank, so we have the truck to the buyer. 3 days later the funds were withdrawn from our account because the depositors accounts were closed down. We’ve been in touch with the buyer’s finance guy and it’s story after story, went to the cops they say it’s a civil matter. We’re now looking for a lawyer who will take these guys through the ringer and get us every possible penny from the jerks.



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  1. Good luck if they hAve the bill of sale

  2. If they wrote a cheque on a closed account that would be considered fraud. Why are the police not pursing this?

  3. they are scammers, seen it lots on buy and sell sites, i put my car up for sale and they said they would buy it, not even wanted to look at it, just would put the money in my account, didnt fall for that one

  4. What type of deposit did you have written on the bill of sale? If you signed off on it being cash, you’d have to prove that they didn’t hand you cash when you handed them the keys.

  5. This area of law is always grey. As you entered into an agreement to sell and them buy for an agreed price, then yes it would be a civil matter. However, I agree with Thomas that if the cheque was written when the accounts had already been closed and they were aware of that, then there may be a Criminal case to argue. When proving cases in Court for Criminal intent, you must prove the “Mens Rea” as well as the act itself. Find out when the accounts were closed and when the cheque was written.

  6. Maybe I missed something here. Why was the truck handed over to the supposed buyer before there was a confirmation those funds had in fact cleared and there was an actually confirmation it was in your account and RELEASED, not held or frozen.

    • Its too bad people have to be cynical. But theres alot of scammers out there. Use every measure to protect yourself. When the transaction clears, its all good.

      These people need a lawyer NOW. Start making calls, around.

  7. Tanita Faye Tanita Faye says:

    That sucks I’m so sorry. Future referencr Always best to get certified funds rather than a normal chq. Or cash if possible

  8. Marie says:

    Not good this has happened to you.
    As Macsen Simmons above has pointed out in his 11:38am reply – Why?
    Scammers come in all sizes, ages, colors and sexes.
    With so much in and on the News these days and over the years, and especially now at this time of the year… re scammers and shysters … Upstanding individuals simply cannot trust just anyone out there … even at times some of those out there you may even know!
    Due-diligence OP … always need to consider doing first, your own due-diligence.
    Things today totally suck, especially when (if you’re older enough to remember)… the days when business of sorts was done and followed through on a handshake.
    Hope you somehow get your justice. And that’s another story … justice (?) … but I’ll end it here …

  9. Seller beware! I definitely would have waited till funds were in my account before handing keys over. Which is what a lawyer is gonna say. Hopefully u get ur money back.

  10. For a large purchase like that I would never have accepted a personal cheque. Only a bank draft or certified cheque I would accept

  11. The question is that once the payment is in your come the bank took the money out from your account without your permission.


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