I need to talk but not sure where to go

Hi all. I have been living with depression for over 18 years. I don’t take any meds and i am doing alright for the most part. My doctors know I have this condition but I have been able to use non-medicinal methods to treat it, as it comes and goes only sparingly. I am so lucky in that.

I have not seen a psychiatrist in over 10 years based on my good record. Usually when I get depressed i exercise the techniques i have learned and they seem to work. Lately however, i feel very down and there is no reason for this. my life is good. i am worried maybe something is happening chemically in my body to cause this?

anyhow, with the stigma i have been scared to ask my hospital or doctors office. i don”t want them thinking i’m a suicide case which i am not, and lock me on psych ward or something. or try to put me on drugs. but i do need to talk to someone. i just dont know who i can talk to in alberta that will talk. i just need a therapist.

if anyone has been there it would make me feel a hundred times better. thanks.



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  1. I went with a psychologist she never pushes meds just there for talking and helping sort through things

  2. Leila Klos Leila Klos says:

    If your doctor belongs to the Primary Care Network, their are therapists you can speak to, though the wait is a bit. I can also recommend Catholic Social Services (They never push religion) and definitely Momentum Counseling walk-in Clinic. (Momentum is staffed by volunteer therapists and social workers). Both Catholic Social Services and Momentum are sliding scale. Best of luck to you.

  3. Well at least you are not alone..

  4. Jill Morin Jill Morin says:

    There’s an outpatient clinic at the u of a! I went there a few months ago. They were able to sit down with me, figure out what’s going on and what steps I needed to take to get better.
    PM me if you want. I’ll grab the phone number for you when I get home, if you can’t find it 🙂

  5. Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

    The Royal Alex has a great program for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and like Leila mentioned, Momentum is a good option but isn’t available all the time.

    And don’t be afraid to get a little chemical assistance, I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety earlier this year and was prescribed Effexor and Welbutrin, both of which have helped immensely but aren’t a permanent solution.

    I have no plans to be taking antidepressants for the rest of my life, but considering how I feel now compared to how a felt then, it’s a no-brainer.

    When I was diagnosed, I didn’t try and hide it. I came right out and told everyone what I was dealing with, and the outpouring of understanding and support was overwhelming. I was surprised at how many people came forward and told me they’d either suffered from or are suffering from depression, but didn’t want to tell anyone.

    I say SCREW THAT.

    Being open and honest about what you’re going through is the healthiest thing you can do, and if you worry that you’re going to lose people because of it, who cares? Anyone that would turn their back on you was never your friend to begin with.

    So don’t be afraid to talk to your Dr. and don’t think for one second they’re going to throw you in the psych ward.

    Unless of course you’re stripping off your clothes and running through the streets throwing your feces at people, I think you’ll be OK 😉

  6. Eva Ferguson Eva Ferguson says:

    Depression doesn’t have to be caused by anything. It can just appear, like any disease….pop! There it is. Sure they’ll ask you if you are suicidal blah blah bah but that’s part of risk assessment–if you aren’t then no worries there. They might suggest drugs. Those are iffy. I’ve found if I’m really not able to move the feelings even after months of trying, then why not? Lots of non-drug ways too…by that I mean non-big pharma. Good for you asking and 18 years of experience means you know something is up.

  7. Check with Catholic social services. You don’t have to be catholic to go and they have good psychologists there. If you are unable to pay you don’t have to.

  8. Just book an appointment for a therapist and talk it out. Tell them meds are a last resort and they’ll respect that and if they don’t go find someone who will

  9. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    Dr Joan Needhal….shes a fabulous psychologist.

  10. The walk in clinic at the U of A is able to refer to various day programs, they have medication options, a psychology department. Momentum Walk-In Counselling does walk in single session counselling but they have several free groups just as a depression and anxiety support group, a bipolar support group, understanding emotions group, a men’s group.

  11. I was referred to a therapist by my primary care Dr. I got in on a cancellation and it was quite a short wait time.

  12. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    Contact Alberta Health Services. You are covered for some initial visits for a psychologist or psychiatrist. They should help direct you to the correct avenues. Don’t allow “stigma” to hold you back from seeking assistance. If you are in need of help, communicate that to your doctor. People don’t get sent to the psych ward for common issues such as depression.

  13. Robert King Robert King says:

    Check out the Outpatient Phsych clinic at the U of A… I have personally gone through there just to talk to someone and it made a world of difference… Non judgmental atmosphere

    • Smile be happy says:

      As long as you are not saying enything that may be in the mandatory report list. And in Canada almost every this is. Or there is some new medical medical drug that will make it all go away. Thees pepole are also human and have there varry own problems. Don’t realy want there’s to be planted on mine. Yet talking realy dose help.


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